Have you ever asked yourself what pain is? Pain has different definitions according to people belonging to different age groups. If you ask a kid playing in a park about pain, he’d probably show you his bandage on the knee saying, “It hurt when I fell from the swing”. If you ask a teenager, he’d tell you that getting bad grades make him feel down and pained if he’s a nerd. Or if he’s a lover, he might express that not getting attention from his crush is painful. A year or two elder than teenagers might define the pain that goes across the heart as they think about it. Like a nail hammered on the head, or a pin being inserted into the heart. Now this is what actually pain is. When we get bigger, we find out that hurting our knees while playing was far less painful than our wounded hearts. Pain that you feel painafter reading “pain” is that particular thought or past experience that haunts your mind forever, no matter how much you try to get away from that image. Humans have that pain stuck inside, which makes them drown into the dark depths of past. Whenever they get a symbol that portrays that particular fear, they are sucked into a series of flashbacks, reminding them every single bit of what really happened just like a movie in mind and separating them from real world for a couple of moments or more. Everybody has a darker side of the personality which they normally donโ€™t show to anyone. People think itโ€™s no use to express your pain, but it really lightens up your heart from the hatred and anger that you feel when you express it; by writing it down or telling somebody you are close to. Because letting that pain go away is better than wanting to stab every human being on the planet.

P.S. It just worked out for me ๐Ÿ™‚