Holding my phone, I stood there, thinking how far I’d come, wishing I’d had this idea before. Country sides are beautiful stuff. I looked back at my car for one last time to see if it was the right place to be. I sat down delicately on the feathered grass. The grass was so fresh that I could almost taste the green. I switched off my phone cause I didn’t want anything to come between me and that dimension. The soft breeze gently ruffled my hair. I let it tousle my hair style. I was comfortable that way. Nature attracts me like a magnet. There’s something in it which captivates me. Something that doesn’t let me come out of the enchantment. I laid down my head on the plush green grass. For the first time I wasn’t feeling dirt conscious. For I am a neatfreak, as called by a friend. The grass smoothly brushed against my neck; it was a good feeling. A feeling that I had never had before. I was feeling free. I looked up. The exquisite clouds were floating on the blue sky, as if they wanted to tell me that being free is a good feeling. For the first time there was no one to turn that blue sky to rain. The sky was clear, and for a moment I felt my mind clear too. For a split second there were no more knots in my head. Everything seemed so clear and coherent. I wasn’t thinking about life. I almost forgot that I had a life. And then that lyric flashed through my mind, “peaceIts funny how some distance, makes everything seem small”, the only difference was, in my case, everything that happened seemed invisible. It was just me, and mother nature. Silent, but having a conversation. Quite, but whispering responses. I wanted to breathe all the fresh air in one breath. It made me feel so light. As if all the burden on my shoulders went away. There were no worries. It was Heaven on Earth. The chirping birds seemed to sing lovely songs for my presence there. I felt special. I stood up, took a few steps, and noticed a pond was near, beneath the hilly meadow. I walked down slowly. For the first time going down from an up felt amazing. The pond was still, yet fascinating. The trees which bent down onto the face of that lucid pond at sides, seemed welcoming. I walked up to the bank, it wasn’t hard, neither was it rough. It was nice to see something which wasn’t hard and rough simultaneously, after a long time. But, oh well, I didn’t want to think about life, I promised myself that I would not. So, I looked down, and there were already a few Koi fish on the surface of water. They were cute and quite fascinating. Their alluring patterns and pleasant coloration made me feel as if I was in paradise. I walked a few steps more, exploring the place. It was pretty as a picture. I went up again, it was a little effort, but it was fun. I watched the orange sun going down through the blue sky into the violet west. I knew it was time to go. I didn’t want to leave, but I had to. I went to the car, and drove back home; thinking that I need to find peace within myself, and not in country sides.