The adorable baby had recently learnt how to walk. His mother was so proud of her little boy who was struggling to stand on his feet, curving his feet in the middle and exerting pressure on his heels. He looked at his mother smiling at her, and gave her a wide smile, as if saying “See mommy, I told you I can do it”. She rushed to her room and grabbed her camera. “Click” – and a beautiful photo appeared on the screen of her DSLR. “My boy, Mommy loves you with all her heart”, she whispered.

Her eye balls moved a bit. Now her boy was playing on the grass. He was running around, kicking his ball, and jumping in excitement. He threw the ball towards his mother and screamed “Catch!”. She caught the ball on time and threw it back to him. She used to play with the pivot of her universe. She spent every minute with him since she couldn’t imagine a world without him. He was her life. Smiling brightly, she turned around, and found her husband holding a camera. He had been capturing photographs of the fascinating view of his complete family. They were complete. Heavens had blessed them both with a treasure. “You’re a sweet little apple of our eyes. Come on here to Dadda!”, her husband called her boy.

She blinked and took a deep breath. Her boy was cycling, with his messy hair and faded jeans. “Oh, the day he fell”. A sigh escaped her lips. That was the day she told her boy that humans fall to rise. Just like the Sun, it sets to rise again. “Pain demands to be felt”. Oh how ironically she had remembered this line from her current favorite book.

Two tears trickled down her cheeks, and the flashbacks faded away. All she could see now was her reflection, in frames of different shapes and sizes. She had lost her child when he was five years old, due to severe fever. She kept mourning his death, wandering purposelessly in the house. That kid was her everything, as she was told that she won’t be able to have children ever again, when she gave birth to her boy. His demise affected her deeply. The grief had marked a scar on her soul. She stopped talking and eating properly. Her husband took support of his patience and returned to his normal routine. He used to take care of his wife, since he loved her immensely, and couldn’t see her being sad all the time. He came back home and found her lying on the bed, unconscious. He got worried and rushed her to the hospital, thinking he had lost her to the trauma their child had given her. But he was wrong.

She was alive, with a baby on the way.frames on wall