I’ll love you with all my heart,
And I’ll assure you that we’ll never fall apart.
Just give me your hand and ask me,
If you and I want to be We.
I’ll say yes and confetti will fall,
And I’ll let you through my wall.
I’ll show you my deepest scars,
And you’ll dry my tears, giving me a Mars.
I’ll know your past, and be there for your future,
Hey don’t mind, that’s my nature.
I stick for so long and so tight,
Please don’t leave me if we get in a fight.
I’ll cry and cry and apologize,
But I’d want a teddy of my size.
I’ll keep your house and cook you food,
I’ll know when you are in a bad mood.
You won’t need to tell me what’s wrong,
You’ll be okay once I start singing a song.
What you’ve ever dreamt of, I’ll be,
We’ll live a life of joy, carefree.
Just get a ring and find me,
I’ll be waiting, Oh Come Ba-e.I Will.