I miss going to cafe with you. I miss pg ka roll. I miss you picking up twigs and fallen leaves. I miss walking down the long road together. I miss the day when Creamery ditched us. Still that day is one of the best days ever. I miss you telling me your life stories. I miss making eye doodles and you telling me to stop drawing eyes. I miss writing stuff on your notebooks. I miss your smile every time you saw what I’d written. I miss your poker faces, the different expressions of your eyes. I miss you jumping down the corridor. I miss being a subject. I miss sitting with you, taking psychology class which I hated in the first place, which is not even my minor. I miss listening to your high pitched sounds (aka chinowni awaz). I miss you dropping your phone every now and then, and then ending up with a cracked screen. I miss zipping your backpack’s pocket. I miss asking you if your purple pajama is the only one left. I miss your expressions when you opened your gift box, when you saw the stones, when you took out the Polaroid, when you felt the brown textured paper. I miss you discussing stuff about songs. I miss the time when I sang “Stay Stay Stay” when you had just moved a few steps ahead; and when I came closer you asked me what the next lyric was, I went like “I’ve been loving you for quite some time time time..” and we both laughed. I miss sharing my pair of headsets with you, listening to songs you used to listen to when you were younger. I miss those one and a half hours that I fortunately got to spend with you alone, paying attention to your illogical theories which always made sense to me. I miss you correcting my mistakes. I miss you telling me a synopsis of your psych class. I miss you rocking that bench swing. I just.. I miss everything. I miss you. The you you used to be. I mean you are but that version is something I only see in university or when we are alone or when we are texting after midnight. I miss the crazy and jumpy you. I miss the immature you. I miss the Wild Moe.

I'm the one with phone in hand, I'm the one who took the photo, and I'm the one who's taller. Taken : 19/5/2015
I’m the one with phone in hands, I’m the one who took this photo, and I’m the one who’s taller.
Taken : 19/5/2015