Let me tell you one important thing today. Mother is just not a biological being, she’s the one who knows you more than anyone in the entire universe. She loves you more than anyone ever can love you. She is the one who brought you into this world with a pain that you can’t even imagine. The one who loved you from the minute she got to know you were in her. The one who loved you even before you could say “Mommy!”. punzi snuggle mom
Then years go by with this unconditional love and you start taking it for granted. You forget how she used to look at you, you overlook how her eyes gleam when she sees you. baby punzi mom
You step into some rebellious teenage where the only thing you hate is your mother. You hate how she wants you to be proper. mom preapare merida
You dislike how she holds you back from doing certain things that you want to give a shot to.  mom scold merida
Sometimes you talk back and the fight gets intense. You try to prove yourself right with your logics, and she gives you examples of her experiences. But you don’t understand that it’s her love for you. It’s her love that she wants to save you from upcoming consequences that only she knows. 11057445_1161412227221868_2096742623333403682_o
Some years pass by and then one day you accomplish something big, you become the child your mom has always wanted you to be. You make your mother really really proud and she’s left starstruck. mom astonished merida
Her eyes sparkle and you notice that gleam in her eyes for the first time. You recognize that pure love in her deep eyes. punzi meet mom
She’s one expressive being, so she goes like, mom kiss merida
That’s when you realize how wrong you’ve been. Flashbacks of all your encounters play through your mind. And after all your adventures, you finally find your mother home. punzi hug mom
Go hug your mom and tell her that you love her. Witness how it will instantly change her mood. tangled-hug