This sketch is the fifth and the last (yet) portrait that I’ve made in my art-life. I don’t really know if I’ll continue making portraits but the way I received appreciation and the way I was praised because of this work.. makes me think more about it. Anyway.
Let me introduce this miraculous being who is one of my greatest inspirations. She has always been on top of that list and always will be. We call her Mahoor (and no, its not Mahnoor). She is currently studying fashion designing and belongs to Peshawar, Pakistan. Her artwork has the power to leave people in awe (if they have the ability to make sense of it) and to check it out, go to A Nobody’s World.
I adore her from the core of my heart (hence free publicity haha) and I want you guys to see her stuff and watch her grow. Keep shining, MJ! ❤

Also, you can find her work on Facebook on EMJAY and for more regular updates, you can go to her Instagram : mahoor_jamal.