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So.. I’ve been nominated for this precious award once again, by two amazingly creative bloggers Saiz and Aaliyah. I’m not tareefifying you both this time, shortage of words here at my side. Thank you so much for nominating me. *clears throat* Anyway, whoever you are, if you are reading this post, check out their blogs, you won’t regret exercising your fingers.

liebster award rulesI’m supposed to write 11 randomly random facts about me, so here you go.
11 “Random” facts about me :
1. I am a really moody person. I don’t even do my assignments if I’m not in the mood. Unless I have to submit them the first thing next morning.
2. I am just too good at ignoring and avoiding people (and there’s always a reason to that). Good to such an extent that I am writing this here as a “fact” about me. Haha.
3. I always have answers ready to give in reply to literally everything. Be them lame or sarcastic or punny or funny. I never shut up. (Unless there’s the need to get my crap together)
4. I can sing. Quite well. Inherited thing, yes. My phone is full of my voice recordings and only my close friends get the chance to listen to them. Some of them even suggested me to make an account on SoundCloud, but I just don’t think its right. And oh Gosh how can I forget the way my friends tease me about this. I better should not write that down.
5. I get excited like a kid seeing a giraffe for the first time when I am appreciated. Or. I totally forget how to respond to people when they appreciate me. There is nothing in between. This one time I made macaroni as my birthday treat and took it to university for my friends. They ate it and kept praising my cooking abilities and all I said was “Happy Birthday!”. Weird? Yes it was. That was when they actually taught me to say “Thank you” when situations like these occur. We even practiced conversations like these so that I never say something crazy like that.
6. I absolutely love birds. They are my thing. Imagine me saying “MINE! MINE! MINE!” like those seagulls in Finding Nemo. I have books and an encyclopedia about birds. They are free to fly away, and I’m not, so may be that is the reason. But anyway. Lets not get philosophical. I lurve birds.
7. Now that I have mentioned Finding Nemo, I love Disney and Pixar and Dreamworks animations! Why? I am an adult kid. Don’t you dare make fun of me. Everyone is a child at heart. *sings dil tou bachcha hai jee*
8. If I find a new singer that I really like, I go on my detective mode. I google all the albums and the songs by that person and listen and criticize every single one of them. Yeah I am strange, I know. Thank you. Shake your head. Hah.
9. I want to travel round the world. Very much. So much that I usually dream about places I’ve never been to, and then find them on internet, exactly the way I see them in my dreams. Surprising eh? It amazes me too. But I don’t want to visit places without tickets or visas anymore. Its free, but still its fiction.
10. I don’t know how I came this far, to point ten, without repeating anything from my previous award posts. Describing myself is the hardest thing ever. Well okay. Umm.. I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift! Her lyrics on my photographs make sense now. Right? Haha. I know lyrics to every song that she’s ever released, and I’ve ever heard.
11. Oh last one. Finally. I don’t like shopping. Or roaming around markets. Or anything like that. I depend on my mother for the supplies I need to survive. I don’t know why. It just is. Markets don’t tempt me. I avoid going to markets just because of this constant fear that what if I like something and then I am unable to get it?
Now the questions that Saiz asked me. (Aaliyah, thank you so much for saving me the trouble.)
1.Writers are more humane. How far do you agree with my sentence? Why or why not?
I kind of agree, and sort of disagree. Yes may be they are humane because they know loads of stuff about emotions and feelings and things like that. There’s some humanity in them, since they feel everything so very deeply. For instance, there’s this book The Heart Of Darkness, (I am not a book person but this is in my syllabus so I know a little about it) so.. the first page is just about the waves, and the river bank, and the river color, and the beautiful water, and the river.. the river.. the river. (A/c to my little information) Like what the hell man, come on move on to something else! But since we are the readers, we are forced to read what that person feels, despite having zero interest in it.
According to the other perspective, they are inhumane creatures. They kill characters you fall in love with. Remember that famous cancer patient, Augustus Waters? He frickin killed him! Why oh why!
2.What’s your purpose in life? You only live once. YOLO. Right?
Lol no, You Only Die Once. I haven’t found it out yet. I hope that I will find it out soon. I have nothing but ‘dislike’ for this for this word – Purpose. Because of some reason. But hey, I’ll find mine soon. Lets not get depressed.
3.Why blogging? Any specific best thing about it?
Because blogging. Just that simple. Oh yes, all those comments. I love them.
4.What’s your fashion taste? Party taste?
I know not what fashion is, nor how it came into being but may I just say Hi? (Lol never mind I was just rephrasing Flynn Rider’s dialogues.)
I have zero fashion sense. If I could, I would spend my whole life in my pjs and loose baggy t-shirts. But mommy doesn’t let me. Its not really that sad. The only thing I know about my fashion is comfort. I am the type of girl who wouldn’t mind wearing lawn or cotton suits to parties. Because I don’t give a damn about “Loag kia kahen gy”. Alhamdulilah.
5.What’s your say upon ‘love’? (I am curious to know this)
I’d answer this simply, the worldly version of love, the love wala love.
You know what, I think love is something warm, when someone else matters more to you than yourself. When you let someone eat the last slice of pizza, its love. When you put someone else’s needs before yours, its love. But wait. Isn’t this an acceptable tolerable name for sacrifice? I guess so. Buss that’s all I’ve learnt about love, yet. Its just a seed in my life, cause it never found a way to pop out the plant inside it. So lets see when that happens. Only then I’ll know.
6.Any Quranic quote which really affects you? (For Non Muslim friends, write any quote which you really like)

7.Where do you see yourself in the next five years or so?
Dead. Or if I make it out alive, somehow, I’ll be a photographer and an illustrator and probably a writer. Probably. Very very probably.
8.Your one hobby which really switches you on?
Drawing I guess. No wait. I don’t know what turns me on. But wait, I’ll go with art anyway.
9.Your idea of motivating people?
Umm.. I appreciate the hell out of people so that they never ever think low of themselves. I encourage them. I tag them on relatable posts on Facebook or Twitter. I talk to them about it. And I tell them to put their heart into what they do, whats the point of doing something that you don’t even love to do?
10.Your favorite dish?
Honest answer : Saalan of either Torai or Loki or Teenday with Roti. Mum made or self made, they have approximately the same taste so.. yeah doesn’t differ much.
But if you ask me about the “muraghan ghizaen”, I love biryani, zinger burger, stew, steaks and pizza. Oh Gosh I wonder what a pizzaless world would be like. The only difference is, I don’t really “die to eat” them. One shareef masoom girl I am. Hah.
11.Anything which really switches you off?
So many. Approximately everything does. If someone says something hurtful, or if I get caught making a doodle in class, or if I make a grammatical error while speaking English, or when I stutter, or when I send a typo-ed or an auto-corrected text, or when WiFi signals don’t remain strong, or when… haha. Thats enough I guess.

I’ll copy Revel’s idea and say that I nominate everyone who’s reading this post. Don’t you even try to run away!
And oh, I am not designing any questions just like Aaliyah.
Thank you once again for nominating me, Saiz and Aaliyah.


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