This Urdu writing craze was kind of going wild, so I ended up writing a Ghazal. It all started out of the blue since I was sitting in a lecture hall and I was supposed to note down what the types of Marxism are.. instead, I wrote one of these couplets. 

This is my first attempt at Ghazal, so I’d really love to know what you thought of it and how I can improve myself. Also, this time I slightly crooked the margin (which was imaginary, no I don’t draw lines when I write stuff) so.. yeah. Pardon. Cause ya know. Second attempt = fail. 
Plus, this might be my last post for a while since I have a huge busy month coming ahead. So.. pray for me may be? 
Okay, here you go. ghazal

Transliteration : 

Meri haya per thi nazar e khaas uss ki,
Qaatilana nazron se jo dekha, dil haar gaya.

La taalluq sa taalluq uss se jura tou,
Har mehfil mein uss ka zikr baar baar gaya.

Tishnagi kay baad farawaaniye muhabbat jo mili,
Har hadd ko muhabbat ki wo paar gaya.

Yaad e maazi ne jab kiya thikaana uss k dil mein,
Chashm e tar liye wo koocha e yaar gaya.

Huzn o yaas se bhari raaten uss ki,
Bardaasht na kar saka jo, andher e ghaar gaya.

Uss kay tabassum per munhasir thi har saans meri,
Wisl e rooh kay baad jo soya, mujhe maar gaya.

Taarikiyon ko taktay guzarti hain raaten ab meri,
Sambhaal khud ko mehtaab, ab tera dildaar gaya.

[That’s the takhallus I selected for myself. Somebody please tell me that its not taken, cause I googled and they said that its not. Hah. 
p.s. Nothing holds literal meaning in this piece of poetry. Read it as a ghazal, just a ghazal. Thank you.]