He stood there like a tidal wave, overwhelming my entire being. Cool breeze ruffled his hair, enveloping my thoughts all over again. His eyes, those dazzling hazel eyes, dilated as if he had looked into me, into my heart. My heart where he was, as a permanent resident. My heart that was beating furiously as if it would break open the prison cage it was in and fall into his hands. My heart that wanted him to keep it. Sigh. It was already his.
My chubby cheeks colored and I felt their temperature rise. The deep breaths I was taking to calm down my wild nerves felt like the calm purple horizon, that covered the drowning sun in warm blankets of beautiful shades of orange, yellow and pink. That Fireball too was settling for someone else, the moon. I blushed and looked down. It hadn’t been an instant or two when I felt breaths that weren’t mine, but I knew to whom they belonged. I looked up and gave in, surrendering to what was happening. His sweet, caramel flavored lips touched mine and soon I was tasting all the glaze that I could. The thirst was finally quenched. Taking down his hand from my soft, fragrant hair, I gave one last look to his eyes. We smiled and I turned back. To never return.


~ Mahaah.