“Mom, Do you love me?”, Emerald asked her mother out of the blue. Her mom looked back at her, astonished at such unexpected and sudden question out of nowhere.
“What kind of a question is that?”, her mother answered with a question. She looked across the kitchen counter where her daughter was sitting peacefully, writing her assignment. Emerald felt disappointed since she was expecting something else.
“Uh, mom. That is not an answer.”, she replied winding up her homework with a resting face.
“Well, obviously I do, if you really needed a reply. Why would you ask me such a stupid question in the first place. Is there even a tiny shard of doubt in there?”, her mom said in an irritated manner.
“No, mom. That’s not what I meant.”, Emm gathered her notebooks so that she could leave the living room.
“Then what did you mean? What are you trying to tell me? That I don’t love you sufficiently? Now where are you going? Stay here! You have started an argument, so settle it before you leave.”, her mother said, fuming with anger.
“No mom, You are misinterpreting. I just wanted to know if you do love me. It’s not that you don’t. I just asked a simple question.”, Emerald said in a scared shaking voice, the shivering voice that barely escaped her lips.
“Then what else could you mean by such a dumb question eh? Don’t I love you? Don’t I care about you? Don’t I provide for you? Huh? Now why are you staring at me, you ungrateful child? All you’ve ever done is disappoint me. Gah. Now I am the bad guy.”, her mother started spitting fire, a fire ignited by the acid she had in her veins, the acid that set ablaze the very surroundings she had around her.
“No, mom.. That is not… “, Emerald felt a stone in her throat that choked the words that she wanted to speak. The image of her mother went blur and soon her tear filled eyes started raining.
“That is not – what? I am asking you for the last time Emm, why did you come up with that? Don’t I love you enough?”, her mom insisted her on answering back. She wiped her tears, swallowed the knot tied in her throat, held onto some courage and said,Β “You don’t express enough.”