After a delicious sit-down dinner her brother suggested to have a walk on the beach. So they all agreed and followed. At one point everyone wandered far away and she started taking photographs of the moon shining brightly with its full glory and its beautiful reflection on the roaring waters of the sea. The air pressure that crossed through her body made her realize that the pressure life had given her was nothing as compared to it. She was so indulged in feeling the atmosphere around her that she almost forgot that she’d been there for a long time. That was when she turned around and found him standing behind her, looking directly at her. She had a minor heart attack as it was not appropriate for them to be there, one on one. They were together and alone after a long time. There was silence among them since the bad stuff happened. Both of them wanted to talk to one another for years, but they couldn’t. The circumstances didn’t allow them, nor did their ego. “So you like nature?” he asked as he had sensed that she was in a state of shock and tried to calm down the situation. She nodded and said, “Yes”. “Photography is cool stuff.” he gave his opinion without being asked for it. She agreed. “I think I should go now.” she tried her best to get rid of the awkward situation by leaving the spot at once. She knew that he was trouble whenever he walked into her life. She knew that something’s going to happen and she wanted to have control of things that she could control. “Wait, I want to talk to you.” he said as she turned around. Her heart started beating furiously, as if it would fall to the ground and he’d be able to step on it again. She faked her confidence to the next level and asked, “Hmm?”. He came closer and she stepped back. He took a deep breath and asked, “Why did you do that?” She didn’t have any idea of what he was referring to. She replied with a question, “Do what?” He said, “You know very well. Whatever I’m talking about.” She didn’t want it to go insanely awkward. Without any further delay, she said, “No, I don’t. I need to leave. Right now.” She was turning around again when he held her hand and dragged her even closer. She was startled at first, but then boldly said, “Leave my hand. I said leave my hand!” He replied, “I didn’t hold it to let go of it. Stop struggling you’re hurting yourself. Stop with that. It’s enough now.” She realized that he was right. She had already struggled so much. Through her life, through all those years, all she had ever done was struggle and survive. Giving up, she said, “Alright. What did I do?”. “Why didn’t you tell me that you love me?” he asked fiercely. Looking away, she replied, “I had a crush on you and that’s it. I never loved you, nor will I, ever.” He didn’t believe what he had heard and asked again, “Look into my eyes. You’re lying. After all this time, you’re still hiding. Please don’t repeat your mistakes. Tell me. Please?” He turned her face with the help of his hand, and found tear drops sparkling in her eyes. She asked, “How did you get to know that?”. He smiled and said, “You’re still worrying about that. Whatever the source was, you should have told me by yourself. Why didn’t you?”. Feeling like a failure, she admitted, “Yes. I wanted to. But you left mid-way. I was unable to do anything. And you always made me feel like I never existed. How could I say it straightaway? You played it wrong.” He confessed, “Yes. I was. I thought that it would be better to stay away from you when all that mess happened. I thought that I’d be safe. But. I never was. You never left my mind. I liked you too. I feel like I should have known. You should have made me know that.” She asked, “As if it was easy?” He said, “Hmm. It was not. But.”. She answered, “There’s no room for ifs and buts now. Thankyou. Let me go now?” and pointed to her hand which was still in his’. He couldn’t break the eye contact. She had something in her dark mysterious eyes and he couldn’t just stop. Black eyes that always had reflected his image back. Eyes that belonged to a person he had always ignored. His own self was now criticizing him of all his previous ill manners and sick etiquettes. The girl he had broken into a mess of jagged pieces was now standing in front of him in a charming and perfectly molded mosaic. A mosaic that was sparkling and shining brighter than the moon. She spoke in a gentle voice, “Hey?” and waved to stop him from staring. He couldn’t figure the reason behind her voice sounding so sweet and delicate to him. Every word she said felt like an embossed print on his heart. He didn’t know what time was doing to him. He didn’t know where life was steering him. Submitting himself to fate, he decided to go with the flow. A few waves struck the shore as if they were celebrating their new mate, who, just like them, was going with the flow. He said, “Oh. Just know I’m in love with you. You can decide what you want for yourself.” She was shockingly surprised and astonishingly amazed at this sudden confession but overwhelmed at the same time. Tears started rolling down her cheeks and falling down her face. It was happening, after all this time, it was happening. He hugged her, rubbing his hands on her back, trying to console her. She heard him breathing. Smelling the pleasant cologne he was wearing, she wanted to bury her head forever in that fragrant chest. In that cold windy weather, she felt warm. She moved her head up and kissed him. That was when a wave splashed and wet their clothes. The splashing wave was actually water being sprayed on her in order to wake her up. It was only a dream.



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