There were miserably dark days,
When I didn’t wan’t to get out of my bed,
When curtains made my room a heavenly abode,
When sun rays through slits of heavy cloth,
Felt like knives ripping apart my already shredded soul.

There were ugly monstrous nights,
When turning on lights was way hard,
When side lamps seemed like dragons spitting fire,
When I tucked myself in and night lights,
Felt like devilish enemies of will-o’-the-wisps.

Then there came the rainbow filled days,
When the nights that followed screamed with colors,
When I found me and the purpose of my life,
When people and applause that surrounded me,
Felt like cozy warm home where I belonged.

(Side note : That’s not my story, that’s just some imagery. I just wanted to write something. Idk. K Bye.)