I wanted to write something on this topic someday, but ya know, somedays don’t exist. Not in the 52 weeks of a year. And then I stumbled upon this video, and damn it this is so freakin awesome.
To the girls who treat their mothers like crap, like they don’t exist, like they don’t feel, just watch once how the birth process goes. Once you hear those screams, see that swollen belly, watch those aching and trembling legs, I bet you’ll know the value of your mother.
This clip is kind of explicit, I know, but I don’t care. All I care about is the way realization strikes. Remember that sentence we desi girls receive when something goes wrong? “Tumhen tab pata chalay ga jab tumhari apni aulaad iss jaga khari ho gi”. They are right. Our mothers are always right.
I’ll quote Tay Sway here, “But don’t let her drop you off around the block, remember that she’s getting older too, and don’t lose the way did you dance around in your pjs getting ready for school.” Don’t forget her. We’re all she’s got. Really. Our lives, what are they? Photos, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, what else? Our lives, are they even lives? Aren’t they virtual lives? What about memories and real people? Feelings and real emotions?
You won’t read my blog, Ammi. But just know that despite the fact that I’m not attached wala close to you, I still love you and I always will. I’ll never make you regret the drip they made you tolerate, those tablets that you had to take and all the time that you had to pick me up in crowds. I’m sorry. I’m sorry I wandered around in Sindbad and got lost and worried the hell out of you. I am sorry for dying for five minutes. I am sorry for never scoring 90%. I am sorry for not being an engineer. I am sorry for spending my time on technology (I know you don’t like that). I am sorry for always having answers and reasons. I am sorry for hating the mess my sister creates. I am sorry for my wounds that hurt you. I am sorry for all the non conformist things that I do and then tell you to chill. Yeah, Sorry. But hey, you’re proud of me, aren’t you? I’m one hell of an amazing person. Haha. K. Bye. โค