Uh. Yes this is my handwriting but not my poetry and um.. this has been my cover photo for like 10 months now.
I kept and keep this ‘on’ because of various reasons. People who knew me as a kid didn’t know that I had changed entirely. People who had criticized me in the past started opening their frickin eyes. People with their shitty assumptions needed to read it every time they visited my timeline. And for people who wanted to ‘judge’ my very private profile in a glance. So yes. It stays there. Always.
Point being, As Moe says : you never know the whole story, of anyone, so please stop being peoplish. It actually hurts. I’ve been through that so I know. It doesn’t feel nice.
And hey, you can never know anyone entirely. Never. Want me to repeat? Never. Because you can only know what a person decides to show you. That’s what Moe once said when we were talking about stuff our brothers shared with us. We can’t even actually know our own siblings. Seriously. And that’s true. How can you actually know. People’s minds aren’t some glassy thing.
Idk why I wrote this. Idk why I’ve initiated to whine about stuff on my blog. This ain’t whining tho. That’s just some crappy philosophy. But it makes sense, no?