Last week, Hiba nominated me for Lilly Singh’s #GIRLLOVE challenge.
She runs this.. I am out of words literally. She has this talent of weaving her words so perfectly that I feel like I am watching a movie in some freakin awesome 4D cinema. She runs this amazing blog In The Bliss of Broken Dreams that leaves me in awe every single damn time I visit it. I mean. Just look at this kid. She is like, outshining the limits of what we call pretty awesome writings. Wait, is there even a limit? Or.. lemme rephrase that.. Is there even a limit for girls? Hah. We rock. And we know it. No? Hell yeah!
This challenge is mostly in response to THIS VIDEO which was published by Lilly Singh, a.k.a Superwoman, just a day or two ago. All the money that Lilly makes from the views on this video will go directly to the Malala Fund for the education of Syrian refugee girls. I am no way a Malala fan and.. uh.. if the description says that a few clicks can actually help our miserable sisters in Syria then what’s the big deal? Just go and watch it. Or just open the link. That’ll work too.

I’m copy pasting the summary Hiba wrote about this video. Because. Just because. The video is mostly about women and how they should lift each other up instead of tearing each other down. And I love the concept. Women are the strongest, most beautiful creations, and God has gifted us with the ability to encourage and support each other in mind blowing ways. I have always adored women. They’re the kindest, most devoting and understanding people and highly influential. Because girls compete, women uplift each other. As the quote says.


Here’s what you do for the #GirlLove:

  • Tell your followers who inspires you, a famous woman who may be dealing with negativity on a daily basis.
  • Tell your followers who inspires you in real life, a woman you always interact with.
  • Tag five women bloggers who you love. Compliment them and tell them why you love them, and comment under their latest post with the link to your #GirlLove post!
    If you get tagged, do the post on your own blog. If you want to do it anyway, do it anyway! Add the tag ‘Girl Love’ to your post, so we can see them all! Let’s start 2016 with LOVE for each other!

Who inspires me.. That’s a tough question. Can I please fangirl about Taylor Swift here? Just look at what media throws at her every single day, still she keeps on shining. Haters gonna hate, so yeah, why should we even give a damn about them? We should just Shake It Off and keep on believing in our Wildest Dreams and Wonderlands to never go out of Style and fill all the Blank Spaces with positivity because we’re the New Romantics. (Point being, never ask me about Taylor Swift, cause you’ll surely regret it 😀 )

There’s just one person who inspires me in real life at the moment. But hey, lemme mention my mother, I love her for all her chidings because oh well. I am a freakin stubborn kid. She helps me get going. Okay so the person who inspires me in real life is someone I have a nameless bond with. Miss Saviour, Moniba. She is worth being called a true friend. Someone who lifts me up all the damn time. Someone who pushes me to be good. And nice. Hah. Nevermind Moe, I’ll stop here. Other than that, my artist friends Mahoor, Ruba and Abeer inspire me. Despite the fact that I don’t talk to them much. I want to meet them in paradise too, so that we can have sleepovers over there and paint and have fun. (I am allowed to imagine kiddy stuff, right?)

Now here are my four nominees because I’m not much into reading. SorryNotSorry 🙂 :
Accidentally Inked : Hey Inky. Peekaboo! I love your writings and your photography and your love for moon. Seriously. You were the first person who found me on wordpress on your own, so yeah. Thank you. I don’t mind being called Makkah, btw.
Revels : I actually love your real talk. I am the kind of person who needs your reminders, so please don’t ever stop. Our conversations here end with high fives, and finding similar people as me is kinda crazy, you know?
Ishma and Izza : You guys are amazing. Your words are like.. out of this world. On an entire different level. Always be awesome. Go live your dream and rock this world!
Do your posts soon, as you may.
~ Mahaah.