Saiz nominated me for this 3-day-3-quote challenge in which the person who’s been nominated posts 3 consecutive days about 3 quotes and nominates other 3 bloggers for this challenge. I’m not going to follow the exact same rules tho, its way too mainstream. What I’m going to do instead is wind this up in one long post, so hey, whoever you are, stop reading this right now; there’s still time.
Anyway, I’m not really good at following orders so, Hi I’m not sorry 🙂
Picking out nine quotes from a sea of amazing quotes was difficult but not impossible, so here they are. I’m a movie freak, yes. I love Disney, yes. I like thrillers, yes. And please don’t say that Batman is a guys’ thing. Its not.
Let’s come to the main point.
1. To start with, there’s one hadith that I always keep in mind. Be it attitude, behavior, things, or words. I try my level best to not say and do and give what I would never want to get in return. This one things helps a whole lot in being nice.
2. This one’s from Batman Begins, if I’m not wrong. Fun fact : I’ve been falling quite frequently these past years and I mean it both literally and figuratively. Let’s be practical, wounds on skin hurt more. All the nice words and startling expressions of unendurable pain our hearts feel and stuff like that.. NONE of that makes sense when you see your freakin wounds bleeding. It actually hurts more than unrequited love. Duh. Mind it.
3. This one’s from one of the movies that I’ll never get bored of. Prince of Persia : Sands of Time. At the end of the movie, Prince Dastaan, the protagonist and the hero says, “I believe that we make our own destiny” and really he’s right. In my opinion, Fate is what we’re born with but destiny, its something that we make for ourselves.
4. Oh, Jake Gyllenhaal reminded me of Taylor Swift, just kidding. She is on the list and she’ll come ahead. Lemme go through the movies first. Next up, Tangled. Tangled taught me to dream. It’s right that reality is cruel and fantasias do not exist nor are they respected in today’s world, but who cares?
Everyone has a dream and everyone has a right to dream. Dream big and work hard to make them true. Go live your dream. Because,
Tangled also taught me to strive harder with more effort. Things that come easy don’t last and things that last don’t come easy.
5. Now that I’ve mentioned Tangled, how can I forget Frozen. “Let it go” taught me to let go of things that don’t matter no more. Holding onto crappy things only burdens your own soul. Harsh realities and even harsher attitudes are what life is made of, plus some good pixie dust if you are lucky, but hey, get used to that because that’s life. “The cold never bothered me anyway.” Hold on to this attitude towards life and nothing hard will ever feel hard. Moreover, life is not all bad things and bad people,
6. Nicholas Sparks makes everything look so nice and sometimes its really difficult for realists to believe that true love exists. But.. wait. He keeps things real little sometimes and I love when that happens. Look at this quote from “The Last Song”.
I’m working on the forgiving part though. The forgiving from the heart part. Sigh.
7. I’m not a book person as many of you know. But sometimes I have to read for homework and assignments and university stuff and I actually read pretty thick books. Kudos to my book allergic self. So.. I read To Kill A Mocking Bird last year and it was magic. Realism plus words, oh God. One of the main themes became my life mantra “You never know the whole story” and now kind of keeps my judgmental self in limits. Duh.
8. Taylor Swift. Yeehaw. Lol She’s never going to read it but I don’t give a damn about that. Anyway. This girl is cool with her quotes and lyrics. Like, really cool. One of the things that I always try to work on when I’m planning to take revenge and then I don’t :
I try to be as nice as possible, because its all fun and games until I lose my mind. That ruins things up, real bad. This one quote silences my enraged mind, because. I’ve seen how being nice when someone else has messed up with you makes them guilty. Its the new level of cruel, I guess. Okay, not being a wolf. K Fine.
Plus, being me is what she taught me first. “If you’re lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change.” That’s what makes you, you.
And this one more thing that saved me a whole lot of trouble,
Thanks Tay Sway! Lets see who’s gonna be the lucky one.
9. And lastly all the advices that I get from the people around me. First off, my mother. Ammi says, “Apnay aap me anjuman raho.” which roughly translates to “Be okay and alright within yourself with who you are”. Although she says this when I’ve slight crooks on my scarf and my clothes and I’m getting angry on me for not noticing them before, or when I’m unable to find matching stuff, so that I don’t waste more of my time and don’t get late – I like this line of hers. (I’m sorry mommy but I aint a two year old anymore. 😛 I know what you do. )  I obviously use this as a weapon when she has objections on my careless attitude towards my appearance which happens once in a blue moon. The “Nobody’s gonna notice, aint nobody got time, they don’t give a damn” attitude I have now, is because mommy told me to be okay with what’s me.
Baba taught me to be real, to be straight forward. “Say clearly what you mean even if they don’t like the truth.” That’s what he keeps saying and that’s what makes me a replica of him. I try to not hurt the feelings tho, that’s a girly thing, yes. So yeah.
Bhai taught me to practice what I’m good at. He is my photography mentor. He pushes me to make new artworks. He asks for my hand made food. He reads the things I write even if he doesn’t understand. “I’m proud of you”, he was the first person to admit that. One thing he has taught me for life is, “See, you can’t change everything. You can just adjust. I know that you can.” I know I can just try, but at the end, its girls who gotta adjust and compromise. This one sentence calms me down when I’m in the mood to rip everything apart and tear everything down.
How can I forget Moe. She made me believe in myself. She taught me to fly. I am who I am today mostly because of her. She once said, “You went after what you wanted, and I like that about you.” and really, that day, today, I go after what I feel is right and it works. If it doesn’t I hang it up in the experiences’ closet. She’s lessons of life in person. Here’s to you, my friend.
So that is it, for the quotes part. Hope I didn’t mess it up.
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Hope you guys are doing well. There’s no pressure to write this post but I’d like it if you do. Go live your dream.