I’ve been watching IISuperwomanII’s videos on YouTube, lately. Those small clips make me excited, because I know I fangirl over a person who keeps it all real and that’s so much like me. I relate to what she says and that’s pretty amazing. So last night I came across a trailer of “A Trip To Unicorn Island” that she released a long time ago, and the words she said hit home real bad. As I got ready to go to bed, washing my face with chilly winter water, looking at my wet face and my burning eyes in the mirror, and watching water drops hanging for their dear life on my eye lashes.. I told myself something.
You know what, your smile suits you. Those lips make a nice curve on your face and that’s the only curve that you need to shine on. Be happy, miserable person. You’re not miserable. You should be happy because you deserve it. And you deserve much more. You should be happy because you seem like a happy go lucky person, don’t act like it, be it. You say you keep it real? Be real. Don’t fake your happiness. You’re happy, be happy. You’re sad, be sad. But come back to that happy carefree track again, cause you know, you are better with that ride. You should be happy because your Creator gifted you with so many things. Look at your talents. Don’t you feel special? Like.. God created you, made a package of all the possible cool talents, and blessed you with it saying, “Here kid, Go live your dream.” Don’t you feel how much He loves you? Then why don’t you love yourself? None can hate a being whom God loves. Then who the hell are you to hate her? Just don’t. Stop. Just stop with those tears, self criticism and self hate. Don’t. You’re much more than you think you are and you actually deserve much more than you strive for. Don’t overthink. Don’t exaggerate your dark feelings. Pretend that Pitch Black doesn’t exist and eventually you’ll be fine with your Sandman. Be positive and for heavens’ sake don’t be so ridiculously negative. Try optimism, it works out every single time. I know that you’ve made it this far, and you’ll make it to the end. You will. You always have. Live, don’t survive. Keep this lecture with yourself, okay? Go sleep. Be proud of your damn self. Live your dream.”

– Mahaah.