There comes a time in your life, when you look back at people who treated you like everything except human, and you feel pity for them – not for yourself. It is that point where you realize that there’s so much to life than people. There’s you and you are all that matters. It is that moment when those people appear in your newsfeed and you don’t get teary eyed looking at them, rather, you smile and scroll down, because it doesn’t matter and they don’t matter anymore. It is that instance when you realize that you are your own person and people aren’t something around which your life should revolve. You accept your long forgotten importance, you admit your value and worth and you actually focus on being your own pivot. Absence and presence of mere bodies doesn’t bother you anymore. The minute this realization strikes, you’re convinced that chasing people doesn’t give you anything.. like butterflies. No matter how long you run after them, you’ll never be able to catch them, unless you stop and stand still, until they are meant to come to you. It is the split second when you finally believe that you don’t need people, and eventually you don’t even want them. The idea of people seems like the idea of dealing with drama, which sucks. That is the time when you grow up and see the world through your own vision. That is when you grow your own wings. That is when you are able to fly on your own. That is the time when you’re reborn, the moment you start living and stop surviving.