So much happened in just an hour that I had to spill all these scattered emotions in one place, to remember these little moments that gave me joy, Joy that will make me smile outta nowhere when I’ll be stuck in a crowd or hitting my head on my books or travelling in my car.
Coming to the point, I just watched Inside Out, and what an amazing movie it is. I mean. The whole idea of memories, I’m personally a die hard fan of anything related to memories. This movie made me cry for straight ten minutes and I don’t even know if I should cry at this masterpiece or not. If you haven’t watched it, go right now and watch it. What are you waiting for? Armageddon?
I made a sandwich after ages. I ate it whole. I’ve never felt so chef-fy before. It was my sandwich, made by me and eaten by me. Do I sound like a five year old? Hah.
And lastly.. Um. Last week I posted an Instagram comment on some celeb’s post, about some QandA Youtube video, a question that I wanted her to pick, but I was so sure that she is not going to pick it that I didn’t even watch the video in the first place. Curiosity took over and I searched for the long forgotten video. I watched it like “Ah okay they are all kewl peeps” when she said “and finally.. Mahaah Azeem” and tears burst outta my eyes as if Niagara Falls had relocated themselves into my tear ducts. What even.
Go to 7:17 of this video to find out what I asked her. It was an unplanned philosophical-crap question tho. But I’m on a Youtube video now, at least my name is. Go sizzle on the jealousy pan doug. (Nevermind the last sentence.) Here you go.