The sun will rise in the East, it will set in the West.
The birds will sing the dawn chorus from their nests.
The same cheery colors will paint the morning sky.
The flowers upon the kiss of morning-ray will shy.

My sister will get ready for school and leave on time.
And my mother will sit and recite Quran meantime.
My brother and his wife will go to work together.
My father will have some tea and look out for the weather.

Traffic on the roads will be buzzing like it does.
People will be busy in their chores creating fuzz.
Everything will be normal like on any ordinary day.
Nothing will be an obstacle in anybody’s way.

Parks will still be full of happy people.
Kids will be chasing and popping soap bubbles.
There will not be a single sign of gloom.
For no one will notice if there’s a person’s room.

Life will be usual, like it is commonly.
Days and nights will be same, habitually.
Unnoticed in my grave I’ll be,
Since this would be a world without me.

– Mahaah.