Her eyes reached the last word of a paragraph but she couldn’t recollect what she just read. She tried again but still she couldn’t. Her mind was somewhere else. To focus on her exam preparation, she left a text to the name that was circling round in her mind. “Let’s do this”. She reread that paragraph again. This time it made sense. She read another page and annotated the keys that she had extracted from her reading. Her phone vibrated. She picked it up and with a thumping heart slid that WhatsApp notification. “What? She left? Okay cool”, she exclaimed. Other than that, she felt nothing.

Rewind the time to five years back. The same happens. She gets to know that her best friend left to some other country for two months without telling her. She must have cried and she must have felt angry. She wouldn’t have talked back for days.

What was the difference this time?



Growing up?


Or she just doesn’t care anymore?

– Mahaah.