– Because I just found her here and I am excited because I am a huge fan of hers.


|| dupatta
a length of material worn arranged in two folds over the chest and thrown back around the shoulders, typically with a salwar kameez, by women from South Asia. ||

I write this blog in the warmth of my bedroom,
on my extravagant appliance
while i listen to the sound of rain
oh, the english rain.

I write this blog as a stage to honour,
the lights of karachi
the kebabs from kabul
the caves of kashmir

I write this blog to argue sincerity,
in an insincere world.
a world of slaughter for my brothers in syria
a world of mistreatment for my sisters in india
a world where my children would not want to be born

I write this blog to represent the struggle,
of the choice between the languages i speak
of the way my name is pronounced
of my religion
my morality

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