fog fade
You know what,
I actually felt something go off,
Whenever I read that name.
Something beeped,
Something exploded,
Like confetti or a bomb I don’t know.
It just did.
There was something.
They said,
Don’t go there.
It’s trouble.
You’ll regret it.
“Wait till it fades,
And then you’ll be okay.”
I am okay,
But not fine at all.
It passed,
I’m here,
Content, carefree,
In a duh-who-cares mood,
With a nothing-matters-to-me-anymore attitude.
You know what?
It hurts,
It matters,
I care,
Even if I am over it.
Because it happened.
You won’t get it.
I don’t get it either.
‘Cause I have no idea,
What “it” was, or
What “it” feels like.

– Mahaah.