This Eid is entirely different from the Eids that I have been celebrating for twenty years. Mostly because a close relative passed away five days back, may God grant him the best of heavens, Ameen. My mother did not cook poori-qeema-siwwayan this time, since she’s a little not well, keep her in your prayers. I made the Eid breakfast for the the first time, in the former years I just used to make pooris round so that mommy could fry them. I hate the henna on my hands a little too much, since most of it was ruined while I tried getting rid of my abaya after getting back home. It was the first time Bhai didn’t force me to get henna done. Good old days. Sigh. I especially took photos of my stuff, that I didn’t really buy on my own. I don’t like shopping and that girly shizz. I stayed up late and got up early, still I felt fresher than I usually am. In addition to all that, my brother wasn’t home and I miss him so much. My father and my brother couldn’t go to Eid prayers together. They did not bring large balloons for me and my sister, which has always been a ritual. I guess I gotta grow up. No more balloons for me.

– Mahaah.