Ten minutes before July 9th : Β I changed the outlook of my blog in its entirety. I had been thinking about it for a while because of some reasons, some of which were persuasive enough to get my procrastinating self up and to get some shizz done. For instance, my previous blog theme didn’t really allow surfers to go through my stuff until they scrolled the whole thing, because most of them couldn’t really decipher what the three icons on the top meant. Moreover, it looked pretty childish. I really wanted to look at my grown up self through this blog-kid of mine, so yeah. Other silly reasons included my overwhelming thoughts in response to the first ever compliment that I got about the theme of my blog, so I had to change it, because I had to; you see? Also, I had been really liking this theme on two blogs I follow. Its okay to keep the same theme right? Does that count as cheating? Please tell me that its not. I had been thinking to execute this process on my birthday, which is after two weeks but I couldn’t wait. So here it is. The grown-up/growing-up Flickering Lanterns!

– Mahaah.
12:10 am
July 9th, 2016.