Another year gone and I have accomplished… A lot. Alhamdulilah. I am proud of this self that I now have. I will work on making it even better Insha Allah, in the future. This birthday that passed was incredibly amazing, I still can’t believe that it happened.
So.. here’s an account of it all because.. I want the memories to stay.

I waited for the clock to strike twelve and posted a photo on instagram, something that I had painted for myself, my first painting with my own paints and without a reference image. A gift for me, from mahaahazeem.

I woke up when the third consecutive alarm rang since I had little time to sleep, but that doesn’t matter because university nights are somewhat like that. I got ready and left home, my brother was supposed to drop me at the university gate. My sister-in-law handed me a box and both of them said ” Happy Birthday” simultaneously. I thanked them and put the box beside me on the car seat. My brother said, “Open it, why did you put it away?”. I replied, “It seems like a mug, so I don’t need to open it.” A little offended by that answer and having a look at my mood he said, “Well you might want to see what’s printed on that mug.” I realized that I’ve been a dumb bunny for a while and quickly unwrapped the present. “Oh. My. God.”, I exclaimed. Have a look :

He designed that whole thing on his own. My brother is a freakin genius.

I went to university, got a cute welcome-birthday chorus from squad and after we were done taking a series of classes, we hanged out. For the first time, all of us together. It was a treat, from me to my babes. We had amazing food and an even amazing time together. I’ll never forget those giggles and that high level of humor and sarcasm. I know you guiz will read this someday, I LOVE YOU PEOPLE. ❤

– Beef Burger. #AboutBirthday2016

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– When you get what's advertised ft. Zinger Burger.

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Homie got me a present that she had been hiding from me all day in her bag. When she put it forth, I asked her if I was supposed to keep it. Partly because I hadn’t expected that, partly because I am a dumb bunny. I took out a booklet kind of thingy and had a look into it, and it happened to be the middle of that thing. I said, “Why did you write in the middle of it?” – and that’s when Mars jumped in, showed me the contents-page and said, “Its a whole freakin book. She wrote this for you in one day you know?”. Bedazzled, I looked at Moe if she was right. She didn’t say anything and let me get trolled for a while. But then I remembered something. Some photos that she had sent me some months ago. I asked, “Is it what I am thinking it is?” and she said, “Yes.” Thats when I was like – okay she didn’t write this in one day how is that even possible. “Please tell me I’m not dreaming”, I requested to which I got a real hard pinch on my wrist by Moe. I should not have asked that. It hurt. After ages something hurt for a while and I OUCHed real loud. Some moments later I put the things back in place to make room for our plates. “I’ll read this later.”, said I and the conversation diffused into another one.

I got home tired, but happy. The day ended as an ordinary day, but as an extra ordinary entry in the diary of my mind. This year was a year of realizations, a year of soaring high, a year of knowing my colors and a year of coming out of the cocoon that I never tried to escape. Idk why I am quoting the terms that Homie used in the journal. Maybe because I am still starstruck that it happened, that she spent more than a year on it, that I actually got the original copy, and everything else about it. It is going to be on top of the most prized possessions that I have since its so freakin amazing.

That’s enough for this post I guess, gotta go and be a good something, not a perfect everything.

P.s. The last part of the last sentence belongs to Homie.

– Mahaah.