– "Sad is okay, you can be blue. Angry is alright too. Let it flash, be red. Feminine is nice. Pink is pretty so be pink. Be happy. Be bright. Be the sun. Yellow rocks anyway. And it looks good on you. Be unapologetically royal. Purple seems like your color, you know. It seems to belong to you – or you to it. Be white, Mahaah. Be blindingly white. Don't shrink from black either. See, black is tricky. Its gothic and criminal, dark and numbing, it can be so depressing and so very calming. Its the void – its comforting and strong, it absorbs everything you give, kind of like women. Or children. An interesting thought just occurred to me. If we talk science, white reflects and black absorbs, right? So purity radiates off of its person – it reflects ; and black absorbs. The void. Point of discourse : Be colourful." // @moniba.meh // The Journal//

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