– •There was a time when all I wanted was a perfect set of teeth, a fair skin tone, sparkly genius eyes, a lively adorable face and ten perfectly thin fingers. They came with time. A nice dentist helped me through the extraction of the hell lot of teeth that I had grown by mistakenly consuming a whole bottle of teeth-growing tablets brought home for my sister. Eyes, they were sparkly but it was me who never noticed. Face, thanks to growing up – I got what I wanted. Fingers, they don't bother anymore.. At least I have functioning fingers. Skin tone, sigh. This one point that I keep telling to myself and to others : Almighty gave you the skin tone that is suitable for the region you live in. No cream and no soap and no treatment can help you scratch your skin to dig out the holy western skin tone. So what's the fuss about? Advertisements and loug-kia-kahen-gy-crap? Thats utter bullshit, people. Try to accept yourself, try to love the masterpiece that God created in your form. There's more to life than these weird standards of beauty, mark my words. I learnt it the hard way. Cheers.• #RantsAndRamblings #TemporaryPost

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