Hurt someone with your words and then just say, “I was tired.”

Take someone’s time and energy and bash them, then just say, “I’m miserable, thank you for talking sense into a mental patient like me.”

Talk to someone on a daily basis while focusing on your goddamn self and then trash them saying, “You’re very immature to talk to.”

Ask for free art and just say, “How much do you want? You won’t charge your friend, right?”

Eat a whole lot of food and then just say, “Oh we don’t make it like that, the salt was no good, the ratio of spices was wrong.”

Trample someone’s ego and then just say, “Oh you don’t mind, do you?”

Insult someone and then say, “You totally deserved it.”

Hit on someone and just say, “I was kidding.”

Talk shit about someone’s fandom or likeness towards something and then say, “That’s just my opinion, but you know its right, right?”

You think its fine, right?



You’re utterly wrong.

Aint nobody got time for that ish okay? Stop being so double faced, so shallow headed, so freakin strange. If you think your words aren’t necessary, shush, don’t even do the effort of saying them. Words hurt. Words have power. Select them nicely. What do you think other people are? Lesser than you? Robots? No they are not. So please act like polite humans. You don’t get marks for being mean anyway.


– Mahaah.

(Note : I just felt like letting it out. Enough with the I-don’t-mind-its-fine phrase. I’ll perhaps delete it after sometime. Not so sure.)