I’ve already received this award twice I guess, and I’ve received this award-stuff so many times earlier on that now if somebody nominates me for that question and all shizz, I just ignore and forget it. Like. Its really wrong but I don’t feel as if I deserve all these awards. Or maybe I’m very ungrateful. (Yo Mahaah you know yourself so well.) I had forgotten about this one too but then I saw a post and it reminded me to get this award post done.
Enough of the ranting, I know it makes zero sense.

I came across this amazing account named @another_aesthete through a shout out when I started taking my Instagram-life seriously, and then I never left. Her posts are always, DAYUM. You know what I mean, right? Then later on, recently I suppose, she created a blog right here on WordPress (https://anotheraesthete.wordpress.com/). I fell for her inborn talent all over again. I love her blog, tbh. No flattery, just a bit of realism. She nominated me for the liebster award and boom! Here I am typing another questionnaire. Here’s to you, Saira. Check out her blog tho, you won’t regret it.

  1. What is the origin & meaning of your name?

     Well, according to Google Translate, my name means “politeness” and “radiance” – which is nice to know because I never bothered to look up the English version of the meanings. In Urdu, Mahaah means “shaaistagi” and “shuguftugi” – which I utter with my old school phrase “jo mujhe choo kar bhi nahi guzri”. Most people say that I’m a lot like my name, other just call me rude so I don’t really know if my name has affected me in any way or not. But it has, I suppose. It has. The origin, um. That I don’t exactly know. There’s this desi aunt that my parents respect a lot, and they let her decide my name. She named me Mahaah mostly because it has no dots when written in Urdu – According to them people who have dots in their names are very naughty and annoy their parents. Its a desi myth I guess. Like how can one link dots to the nature of a child? Crazy eh.

  2. If you could be a character of a book or a movie which one would you like to be & why?
    That’s hard to tell. I haven’t read enough books to answer to that. Movies, um lemme think. Lets keep it a bit childish, but I’d like to be Margo from Paper Towns. The mysterious girl that no one know-knows. Also, nobody even goes after her except the protagonist. She can go wherever she pleases and nobody really has an issue about it. I’d like to be that girl. Like, Whoosh! Gone.
  3. If you were allowed to raid a shop/store which one would it be?
    An art store obviously, because oh Gosh art stuff is so expensive and precious.
    Or maybe a store that has Apple products in it. Who doesn’t want that opportunity? Sigh.

  4. Meaningful silence or meaningless talks?
    Meaningless talks, I think. Silence is not my thing. I can’t stay quiet for long.
  5. If you were given an option to restart your life, which foremost thing would you like to change?
    My younger introvert self, who didn’t know how to voice her opinions.
  6. What is your favorite social media?


  7. What would you like to invent?
    A machine that prints real money by using solar energy to buy that whole factory system that turns trash into electricity.
  8. Would you rather be famous under a pseudonym, rich with a scandalous reputation, or physically beautiful with no talents?
    What’s the point of being rich with a reputation like that. Physical beauty is not beauty in the whole sense of the word. Famous under a pseudonym seems like a better option.
  9. What super power would you like to possess?

    The one that Kurt Wagner (Night-crawler)  from X-men series has. To disappear and appear whenever you like. And anywhere you like. Imagine travelling without visa and money involved. *says Hello-To-The-Future in robotic voice*
  10. What is the foremost quality you look for in people?
    Realism. How real they are. Fake people infuriate me.
  11. Name 3 things you dislike with a passion.
    1. Imperfections
    2. Authoritative attitude/manner
    3. Low battery/Slow Wi-Fi
    4. (Lemme add this one) Nosy people, who don’t mind their own business.

I’m not nominating anyone. You can if you want to and ask them 11 questions. That is it. Hope you’re happy, another aesthete. Thanks a lot for this one.

– Mahaah.