She looked at blur people with her half opened eyes. She tried to recognize her surroundings. It was her own room, it occurred to her in a few moments. Lying down like that pained her, still she turned her head to her right shoulder and saw her brown silky hair spread on her pillow, that fell on to her blue bed sheet.
A smile ran on her lips, and looking out at the wide wall-like glass window, she murmured, “He’s coming. He’ll see my hair, he’ll recognize me and then everything will be as it should be.”
“Who’s coming, ma’m? We don’t see anyone.”, said the girl who was sitting at her feet on the corner of the bed.
“He’s coming. Oh, the day has arrived.”, she whispered in her low breath again.
“Who he? The only man that I can see standing there is a man on the other side of the cliff. There’s a whole fraction of sea in between.”, said the nurse again.
“But I can see him coming. What is it, a vision? Then wake me up. Its better not to stay in a fantasia.”, she said with subtle anger. “What sound was that? Oh, why is everything so blue. Where did he go?”, she asked several questions but there was no answer.

She looks at the place. She looks at the bricked floor. She looks at the nicely parked cars. She looks at her daughter. “Oh my child!”, she exclaims and runs towards her. She sets her daughter’s black floral frock in order and touches her fringe delicately. “What are you doing here, pet?”, she gently asks her daughter. Her daughter shrugs and moves a few steps ahead. “Oh, where are you going, sweetheart?”, she follows her daughter and realizes that she’s dressed in black too. She notices her elegant dress and feels her intricate necklace. She can not recollect what she is dressed for. In one of these moments, her husband comes from behind, picks her up and caresses her cheek. She feels lighter. He lets her stand on her feet again. She calls out to her daughter, “Daddy’s here!”, but she doesn’t listen. She looks at her husband with gleaming happy eyes and says, “What’s gotten into her? She’s really hopping and trotting here and there like a rabbit.” Her husband smiles but doesn’t reply.

She has heard that sound again. She tries to open her eyes painstakingly. She finds everything blue. Her eyes wander for a search for her husband and her daughter. Clouds gather outside of the glass window as if it is about to rain.
The nurse comes back again and asks, “You’re awake, ma’m. Would you like soup or a glass of water or something?”
She looks at her in an astonished way. “Where is he? Where is my daughter?”, she asks the nurse in slight hysteria.
“Ma’m you don’t have children. And obviously neither a husband.”, the nurse answered.
“But I just saw them. I saw them with me. Oh it was such a happy vision.”, she murmured in her low breath.
“That is why we created it for you.”, the nurse replied in cold robotic voice and left.

“It is working just fine.”, the senior doctor said.
“But it is painful for them when they come back to reality.”, one of the researchers commented.
“We’ve got to make them survive their remaining life somehow, so why not?”, the senior doctor replied.
“I should not have given you this idea in the first place.”, the animation maker finally admitted.
“Don’t you see how far has technology come? Isn’t it amazing to make films and animations of their favorite memories or memories that they wanted to have but never had? Isn’t it great that all it takes is some creative people and some scientists to combine them in a chip? Isn’t it startling to you? How a chip works and takes them to a world that they always wanted to live in?”, the senior doctor had already started to feel annoyed.
“But you pull them back to reality! Reality is way too harsh and unbearable for them! You are a doctor, where has your humanity gone?”, another researcher couldn’t resist.
“This is my project. And I am not allowing any of you to stop me from doing what I’m really succeeding in”, the senior doctor said authoritatively. “As far as my humanity is concerned, everyone involved in this project has trampled their humanity to get to where they are, so maybe it is me who’s supposed to question your humanity.” He put an end to that debate.

Meanwhile in the hospital corridor, cries from the mentally challenged and Alzheimer stricken patients were heard – but there was no answer.


– Mahaah.

(Based on a dream. 30.11.16)