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About Infinities.

I used to tell myself constantly that brushes aren’t my thing and I like leads and nibs more because I can actually assert my control on them and they’d work accordingly, but recently Moe pushed me towards trying painting out and I just went to an amazing art store and bought a bunch of new stuff (when I knew nothing except the names of nice brands). Which also included a basic palette of Winsor and Newton water-colors. I recently tried my hand on them and..
This was the result. Here I present to you my first water-color painting. Tadaaa!

Inked Panda.


– Melancholy. (27.9.16) . . . . . . . . . Go to @mahaah_azeem

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Dimensional Infinity.

Art account on Instagram : @mahaah_azeem

Ouch. I got over Taylor Swift.

(Accidental) Pokemon Ink Art.


Self Suffocated.

– Self-Suffocated. . . •I tried to draw me. Long hair is an effort bruh.•

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Inked Fairy Silhouette.




– Sit back and watch Karma do its job.

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