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Liebster Award (3?)

I’ve already received this award twice I guess, and I’ve received this award-stuff so many times earlier on that now if somebody nominates me for that question and all shizz, I just ignore and forget it. Like. Its really wrong but I don’t feel as if I deserve all these awards. Or maybe I’m very ungrateful. (Yo Mahaah you know yourself so well.) I had forgotten about this one too but then I saw a post and it reminded me to get this award post done.
Enough of the ranting, I know it makes zero sense.

I came across this amazing account named @another_aesthete through a shout out when I started taking my Instagram-life seriously, and then I never left. Her posts are always, DAYUM. You know what I mean, right? Then later on, recently I suppose, she created a blog right here on WordPress ( I fell for her inborn talent all over again. I love her blog, tbh. No flattery, just a bit of realism. She nominated me for the liebster award and boom! Here I am typing another questionnaire. Here’s to you, Saira. Check out her blog tho, you won’t regret it.

  1. What is the origin & meaning of your name?

     Well, according to Google Translate, my name means “politeness” and “radiance” – which is nice to know because I never bothered to look up the English version of the meanings. In Urdu, Mahaah means “shaaistagi” and “shuguftugi” – which I utter with my old school phrase “jo mujhe choo kar bhi nahi guzri”. Most people say that I’m a lot like my name, other just call me rude so I don’t really know if my name has affected me in any way or not. But it has, I suppose. It has. The origin, um. That I don’t exactly know. There’s this desi aunt that my parents respect a lot, and they let her decide my name. She named me Mahaah mostly because it has no dots when written in Urdu – According to them people who have dots in their names are very naughty and annoy their parents. Its a desi myth I guess. Like how can one link dots to the nature of a child? Crazy eh.

  2. If you could be a character of a book or a movie which one would you like to be & why?
    That’s hard to tell. I haven’t read enough books to answer to that. Movies, um lemme think. Lets keep it a bit childish, but I’d like to be Margo from Paper Towns. The mysterious girl that no one know-knows. Also, nobody even goes after her except the protagonist. She can go wherever she pleases and nobody really has an issue about it. I’d like to be that girl. Like, Whoosh! Gone.
  3. If you were allowed to raid a shop/store which one would it be?
    An art store obviously, because oh Gosh art stuff is so expensive and precious.
    Or maybe a store that has Apple products in it. Who doesn’t want that opportunity? Sigh.

  4. Meaningful silence or meaningless talks?
    Meaningless talks, I think. Silence is not my thing. I can’t stay quiet for long.
  5. If you were given an option to restart your life, which foremost thing would you like to change?
    My younger introvert self, who didn’t know how to voice her opinions.
  6. What is your favorite social media?


  7. What would you like to invent?
    A machine that prints real money by using solar energy to buy that whole factory system that turns trash into electricity.
  8. Would you rather be famous under a pseudonym, rich with a scandalous reputation, or physically beautiful with no talents?
    What’s the point of being rich with a reputation like that. Physical beauty is not beauty in the whole sense of the word. Famous under a pseudonym seems like a better option.
  9. What super power would you like to possess?

    The one that Kurt Wagner (Night-crawler)  from X-men series has. To disappear and appear whenever you like. And anywhere you like. Imagine travelling without visa and money involved. *says Hello-To-The-Future in robotic voice*
  10. What is the foremost quality you look for in people?
    Realism. How real they are. Fake people infuriate me.
  11. Name 3 things you dislike with a passion.
    1. Imperfections
    2. Authoritative attitude/manner
    3. Low battery/Slow Wi-Fi
    4. (Lemme add this one) Nosy people, who don’t mind their own business.

I’m not nominating anyone. You can if you want to and ask them 11 questions. That is it. Hope you’re happy, another aesthete. Thanks a lot for this one.

– Mahaah.


3 Day 3 Quote Challenge.

Saiz nominated me for this 3-day-3-quote challenge in which the person who’s been nominated posts 3 consecutive days about 3 quotes and nominates other 3 bloggers for this challenge. I’m not going to follow the exact same rules tho, its way too mainstream. What I’m going to do instead is wind this up in one long post, so hey, whoever you are, stop reading this right now; there’s still time.
Anyway, I’m not really good at following orders so, Hi I’m not sorry 🙂
Picking out nine quotes from a sea of amazing quotes was difficult but not impossible, so here they are. I’m a movie freak, yes. I love Disney, yes. I like thrillers, yes. And please don’t say that Batman is a guys’ thing. Its not.
Let’s come to the main point.
1. To start with, there’s one hadith that I always keep in mind. Be it attitude, behavior, things, or words. I try my level best to not say and do and give what I would never want to get in return. This one things helps a whole lot in being nice.
2. This one’s from Batman Begins, if I’m not wrong. Fun fact : I’ve been falling quite frequently these past years and I mean it both literally and figuratively. Let’s be practical, wounds on skin hurt more. All the nice words and startling expressions of unendurable pain our hearts feel and stuff like that.. NONE of that makes sense when you see your freakin wounds bleeding. It actually hurts more than unrequited love. Duh. Mind it.
3. This one’s from one of the movies that I’ll never get bored of. Prince of Persia : Sands of Time. At the end of the movie, Prince Dastaan, the protagonist and the hero says, “I believe that we make our own destiny” and really he’s right. In my opinion, Fate is what we’re born with but destiny, its something that we make for ourselves.
4. Oh, Jake Gyllenhaal reminded me of Taylor Swift, just kidding. She is on the list and she’ll come ahead. Lemme go through the movies first. Next up, Tangled. Tangled taught me to dream. It’s right that reality is cruel and fantasias do not exist nor are they respected in today’s world, but who cares?
Everyone has a dream and everyone has a right to dream. Dream big and work hard to make them true. Go live your dream. Because,
Tangled also taught me to strive harder with more effort. Things that come easy don’t last and things that last don’t come easy.
5. Now that I’ve mentioned Tangled, how can I forget Frozen. “Let it go” taught me to let go of things that don’t matter no more. Holding onto crappy things only burdens your own soul. Harsh realities and even harsher attitudes are what life is made of, plus some good pixie dust if you are lucky, but hey, get used to that because that’s life. “The cold never bothered me anyway.” Hold on to this attitude towards life and nothing hard will ever feel hard. Moreover, life is not all bad things and bad people,
6. Nicholas Sparks makes everything look so nice and sometimes its really difficult for realists to believe that true love exists. But.. wait. He keeps things real little sometimes and I love when that happens. Look at this quote from “The Last Song”.
I’m working on the forgiving part though. The forgiving from the heart part. Sigh.
7. I’m not a book person as many of you know. But sometimes I have to read for homework and assignments and university stuff and I actually read pretty thick books. Kudos to my book allergic self. So.. I read To Kill A Mocking Bird last year and it was magic. Realism plus words, oh God. One of the main themes became my life mantra “You never know the whole story” and now kind of keeps my judgmental self in limits. Duh.
8. Taylor Swift. Yeehaw. Lol She’s never going to read it but I don’t give a damn about that. Anyway. This girl is cool with her quotes and lyrics. Like, really cool. One of the things that I always try to work on when I’m planning to take revenge and then I don’t :
I try to be as nice as possible, because its all fun and games until I lose my mind. That ruins things up, real bad. This one quote silences my enraged mind, because. I’ve seen how being nice when someone else has messed up with you makes them guilty. Its the new level of cruel, I guess. Okay, not being a wolf. K Fine.
Plus, being me is what she taught me first. “If you’re lucky enough to be different, don’t ever change.” That’s what makes you, you.
And this one more thing that saved me a whole lot of trouble,
Thanks Tay Sway! Lets see who’s gonna be the lucky one.
9. And lastly all the advices that I get from the people around me. First off, my mother. Ammi says, “Apnay aap me anjuman raho.” which roughly translates to “Be okay and alright within yourself with who you are”. Although she says this when I’ve slight crooks on my scarf and my clothes and I’m getting angry on me for not noticing them before, or when I’m unable to find matching stuff, so that I don’t waste more of my time and don’t get late – I like this line of hers. (I’m sorry mommy but I aint a two year old anymore. 😛 I know what you do. )  I obviously use this as a weapon when she has objections on my careless attitude towards my appearance which happens once in a blue moon. The “Nobody’s gonna notice, aint nobody got time, they don’t give a damn” attitude I have now, is because mommy told me to be okay with what’s me.
Baba taught me to be real, to be straight forward. “Say clearly what you mean even if they don’t like the truth.” That’s what he keeps saying and that’s what makes me a replica of him. I try to not hurt the feelings tho, that’s a girly thing, yes. So yeah.
Bhai taught me to practice what I’m good at. He is my photography mentor. He pushes me to make new artworks. He asks for my hand made food. He reads the things I write even if he doesn’t understand. “I’m proud of you”, he was the first person to admit that. One thing he has taught me for life is, “See, you can’t change everything. You can just adjust. I know that you can.” I know I can just try, but at the end, its girls who gotta adjust and compromise. This one sentence calms me down when I’m in the mood to rip everything apart and tear everything down.
How can I forget Moe. She made me believe in myself. She taught me to fly. I am who I am today mostly because of her. She once said, “You went after what you wanted, and I like that about you.” and really, that day, today, I go after what I feel is right and it works. If it doesn’t I hang it up in the experiences’ closet. She’s lessons of life in person. Here’s to you, my friend.
So that is it, for the quotes part. Hope I didn’t mess it up.
I nominate InkyHibaRevelsShoaibSanaI am MuslimahIshmaAmeena and Farheen.
Hope you guys are doing well. There’s no pressure to write this post but I’d like it if you do. Go live your dream.

Food Challenge.

Food challenge, sounds like I’m about to ask you to eat bowls of ice-cream to make and break records. Well, that’s not the matter. To my surprise, I was nominated for this Food Challenge yesternight by an amazing fellow blogger, Saiz. I prayed as I scrolled down that the rules don’t ask me for a recipe and yassss they didn’t!
It’s kinda weird, but I keep it real.. that.. I am a really good chef Alhamdulilah but really bad at telling recipes. I can’t. I don’t give directions, I do stuff directly for people who need my help in the kitchen. Crazy huh? I’m good for lazy people hah.
Anyway. This post is going to be about food that I’ve not-so-much interest in. I’m not a foodie. Often when I cook, my hunger dies while I’m cooking. I don’t die for food. Food doesn’t tempt me. Neither do I love cooking food. It’s just a thing that I can do but not something I like doing. My attitude towards kitchen is : Every girl knows how to cook, its no big deal, and every adult should know how to cook so that they don’t die of hunger. You get me, right?
There’s another perspective of perceiving this by the way. I don’t specifically like cooking probably because it was not something that I did by my own choice. I HAD to do it. I had no other way out. I needed to cook for my family because they needed me when mommy couldn’t stand in the kitchen. She stayed sick for like a year and I had to take her place in the kitchen. So yeah, I didn’t “learn” cooking, I just got up and started cooking, with some little directions from mommy. It wasn’t all bad though, I got praises and appreciations and applauds as rewards and it was worth it. I made my family proud, what else can one want?
Lets come to the point and get going. The rules :

  1. You have to tell the person who is nominating you what is your favorite food (so He/She can also give it a try if they like. )
  2. You have to write your feelings not the recipe.
  3. You have to add a picture of the dish.
  4. You have to nominate 7 persons for this challenge.

There’s not one favorite food of mine. I’m the person who loves lentils, veggies and roti. Yeah, you can call me a vegetarian. So.. I’m going ahead with some of the best dishes I’ve ever made in my life and they are worth a try.

First of all, Hydrabadi Mirchon ka Saalan.
wp 13

It isn’t as spicy as it sounds and is not really a curry but rather a pickle thingy. We usually eat it with Biryani to add more flavor to it. I absolutely love it because its pretty hard to make and I’m one sugharr larki who knows how to make it haha 😀 Wait a minute, how can one ‘feel’ about food? Its food, treat it like food not something mahaan. Acha Sorry.
Yes I’m a hyderabadi, my sarcasm makes sense now, no? 😛
Next up, The Queen of Desi Foods, Biryani.
wp 14

Biryani is that one food which is the easiest to make. Like. Did someone come to visit you without a call? Serve them biryani. The flavor tho, is amazing. Some mint garlic raaita works perfectly with this dish. I don’t love Biryani but I like it. I bet whoever invented it actually accidentally mixed boiled rice with qourma. Haha. Sorry not sorry.
Next up, Chinese Fried Rice.
wp food challenge
I don’t particularly like Fried Rice, but oh well.. this dish is heaven. Every single time mommy is in the mood to have some, I’m the one supposed to make it. You know why. 🙂
Next up, Spaghetti.
wp 3

Spaghetti and Macaroni are like the foods of paradise. Look at that. I mean. Cheese. Mayo. Ketchup. Veggies. Pasta. Yum.
Next up, Achaar Gosht. 
wp 9
This doesn’t look as tempting but believe me this one thing made me feel so proud of my self. It was actually good. The thing about this dish is that it is all meat, plus it smells and tastes like Achaar! (By now, you know that I don’t know how to describe food. Not my forte.) I made this one in a really angry mood so yeah, you can see how recklessly it’s garnished.
Next up, Meethay Dahi Baray.
wp 12
Meethay Dahi Baray are simple Dahi Phulkis with sweet yogurt. They taste like the tenth power of delicious. It’s usually served with shaam ki chai. This dish tastes better after long hours of fasting.
Next up, Spring Rolls.
wp 2
Perfection is what I strive for, and spring rolls are perfect things that never let me down. Feeling hungry? Spring rolls. Feeling upset? Spring rolls. Feeling bored? Spring rolls. But the effort it takes to make all of them can never balance out the little effort it takes to just fry them. My back started aching by just writing that line. Gah.
Next up, Mince Filled Rolls.
wp 11
It was an experiment and it worked out! The smokey flavor of minced meat with slight taste of green chilies makes it worth while. Roll up in a piece of bread and booyah! Yum.
Next up, Bhail Poori.
wp 4
This dish is basically a layered thing. Layers upon layers of mashed potatoes, chana chaat, nimko, paapri, dahi phulki and some more beaten yogurt with honey. Its yum. Try it out. With shaam ki chai of course. I LOVE IT.
Next up, Falooda.
wp 7
I made this intentionally like a kheer. Yes, it’s in a bowl. It was one of the best desserts that I have made yet. I am not a meetha person, pun intended. I don’t like meetha. But I’m always up for Gulab Jamun. Gulab Jamun is life. Falooda is.. the short form of milk and condensed milk and milk noodles and pistachios and almonds and stuff like that combined and cooked together with obviously lots of sugar.
Next up, Pistachio Kheer.
wp 5
I made this on 14-8-14 for the love of Pakistan since it was our independence day. Hence the green tinge. I didn’t even take a bite from this tho. Because. I’ve mentioned that above. But do give it a try. Its amazing to eat. The flavor of khoya with all those almonds and pistachios and elaichies makes it an experience, out of this world.
And finally, My Interpretation of Heston Blumenthals’ Royal Classic Trifle.
wp 6
I made this on my dad’s birthday despite the fact that he has diabetes. Since I had kitchen in my hands and I could do whatever I liked so yeah, I tried to implement what I had learnt from Master Chef Australia’s Season 5. It was an experiment that worked out perfectly. Its just a layered custard, upside down. I couldn’t go through all those hard levels to make this dish so I did it my way. A layer of vanilla custard on a layer of cake on a layer of smoothly set strawberry jelly and topped with pieces of bounty chocolate and whipped cream, it was actually pretty amazing to eat. It was the first time when my family ate the whole of a dessert.

So here’s my food experience in a food blog, once and for all. Gosh this is a really long post. Smh. I’m sorry. Thanks for reading!
I’m not nominating anyone, if you are reading this and you want to write a Food Challenge post, then go ahead, I nominate you. Yes you. Don’t run away.

Stay blessed.
– Mahaah.

#Girllove Challenge.


Last week, Hiba nominated me for Lilly Singh’s #GIRLLOVE challenge.
She runs this.. I am out of words literally. She has this talent of weaving her words so perfectly that I feel like I am watching a movie in some freakin awesome 4D cinema. She runs this amazing blog In The Bliss of Broken Dreams that leaves me in awe every single damn time I visit it. I mean. Just look at this kid. She is like, outshining the limits of what we call pretty awesome writings. Wait, is there even a limit? Or.. lemme rephrase that.. Is there even a limit for girls? Hah. We rock. And we know it. No? Hell yeah!
This challenge is mostly in response to THIS VIDEO which was published by Lilly Singh, a.k.a Superwoman, just a day or two ago. All the money that Lilly makes from the views on this video will go directly to the Malala Fund for the education of Syrian refugee girls. I am no way a Malala fan and.. uh.. if the description says that a few clicks can actually help our miserable sisters in Syria then what’s the big deal? Just go and watch it. Or just open the link. That’ll work too.

I’m copy pasting the summary Hiba wrote about this video. Because. Just because. The video is mostly about women and how they should lift each other up instead of tearing each other down. And I love the concept. Women are the strongest, most beautiful creations, and God has gifted us with the ability to encourage and support each other in mind blowing ways. I have always adored women. They’re the kindest, most devoting and understanding people and highly influential. Because girls compete, women uplift each other. As the quote says.


Here’s what you do for the #GirlLove:

  • Tell your followers who inspires you, a famous woman who may be dealing with negativity on a daily basis.
  • Tell your followers who inspires you in real life, a woman you always interact with.
  • Tag five women bloggers who you love. Compliment them and tell them why you love them, and comment under their latest post with the link to your #GirlLove post!
    If you get tagged, do the post on your own blog. If you want to do it anyway, do it anyway! Add the tag ‘Girl Love’ to your post, so we can see them all! Let’s start 2016 with LOVE for each other!

Who inspires me.. That’s a tough question. Can I please fangirl about Taylor Swift here? Just look at what media throws at her every single day, still she keeps on shining. Haters gonna hate, so yeah, why should we even give a damn about them? We should just Shake It Off and keep on believing in our Wildest Dreams and Wonderlands to never go out of Style and fill all the Blank Spaces with positivity because we’re the New Romantics. (Point being, never ask me about Taylor Swift, cause you’ll surely regret it 😀 )

There’s just one person who inspires me in real life at the moment. But hey, lemme mention my mother, I love her for all her chidings because oh well. I am a freakin stubborn kid. She helps me get going. Okay so the person who inspires me in real life is someone I have a nameless bond with. Miss Saviour, Moniba. She is worth being called a true friend. Someone who lifts me up all the damn time. Someone who pushes me to be good. And nice. Hah. Nevermind Moe, I’ll stop here. Other than that, my artist friends Mahoor, Ruba and Abeer inspire me. Despite the fact that I don’t talk to them much. I want to meet them in paradise too, so that we can have sleepovers over there and paint and have fun. (I am allowed to imagine kiddy stuff, right?)

Now here are my four nominees because I’m not much into reading. SorryNotSorry 🙂 :
Accidentally Inked : Hey Inky. Peekaboo! I love your writings and your photography and your love for moon. Seriously. You were the first person who found me on wordpress on your own, so yeah. Thank you. I don’t mind being called Makkah, btw.
Revels : I actually love your real talk. I am the kind of person who needs your reminders, so please don’t ever stop. Our conversations here end with high fives, and finding similar people as me is kinda crazy, you know?
Ishma and Izza : You guys are amazing. Your words are like.. out of this world. On an entire different level. Always be awesome. Go live your dream and rock this world!
Do your posts soon, as you may.
~ Mahaah.

Liebster Award (Sequel).

liebster award laptop

So.. I’ve been nominated for this precious award once again, by two amazingly creative bloggers Saiz and Aaliyah. I’m not tareefifying you both this time, shortage of words here at my side. Thank you so much for nominating me. *clears throat* Anyway, whoever you are, if you are reading this post, check out their blogs, you won’t regret exercising your fingers.

liebster award rulesI’m supposed to write 11 randomly random facts about me, so here you go.
11 “Random” facts about me :
1. I am a really moody person. I don’t even do my assignments if I’m not in the mood. Unless I have to submit them the first thing next morning.
2. I am just too good at ignoring and avoiding people (and there’s always a reason to that). Good to such an extent that I am writing this here as a “fact” about me. Haha.
3. I always have answers ready to give in reply to literally everything. Be them lame or sarcastic or punny or funny. I never shut up. (Unless there’s the need to get my crap together)
4. I can sing. Quite well. Inherited thing, yes. My phone is full of my voice recordings and only my close friends get the chance to listen to them. Some of them even suggested me to make an account on SoundCloud, but I just don’t think its right. And oh Gosh how can I forget the way my friends tease me about this. I better should not write that down.
5. I get excited like a kid seeing a giraffe for the first time when I am appreciated. Or. I totally forget how to respond to people when they appreciate me. There is nothing in between. This one time I made macaroni as my birthday treat and took it to university for my friends. They ate it and kept praising my cooking abilities and all I said was “Happy Birthday!”. Weird? Yes it was. That was when they actually taught me to say “Thank you” when situations like these occur. We even practiced conversations like these so that I never say something crazy like that.
6. I absolutely love birds. They are my thing. Imagine me saying “MINE! MINE! MINE!” like those seagulls in Finding Nemo. I have books and an encyclopedia about birds. They are free to fly away, and I’m not, so may be that is the reason. But anyway. Lets not get philosophical. I lurve birds.
7. Now that I have mentioned Finding Nemo, I love Disney and Pixar and Dreamworks animations! Why? I am an adult kid. Don’t you dare make fun of me. Everyone is a child at heart. *sings dil tou bachcha hai jee*
8. If I find a new singer that I really like, I go on my detective mode. I google all the albums and the songs by that person and listen and criticize every single one of them. Yeah I am strange, I know. Thank you. Shake your head. Hah.
9. I want to travel round the world. Very much. So much that I usually dream about places I’ve never been to, and then find them on internet, exactly the way I see them in my dreams. Surprising eh? It amazes me too. But I don’t want to visit places without tickets or visas anymore. Its free, but still its fiction.
10. I don’t know how I came this far, to point ten, without repeating anything from my previous award posts. Describing myself is the hardest thing ever. Well okay. Umm.. I am a huge fan of Taylor Swift! Her lyrics on my photographs make sense now. Right? Haha. I know lyrics to every song that she’s ever released, and I’ve ever heard.
11. Oh last one. Finally. I don’t like shopping. Or roaming around markets. Or anything like that. I depend on my mother for the supplies I need to survive. I don’t know why. It just is. Markets don’t tempt me. I avoid going to markets just because of this constant fear that what if I like something and then I am unable to get it?
Now the questions that Saiz asked me. (Aaliyah, thank you so much for saving me the trouble.)
1.Writers are more humane. How far do you agree with my sentence? Why or why not?
I kind of agree, and sort of disagree. Yes may be they are humane because they know loads of stuff about emotions and feelings and things like that. There’s some humanity in them, since they feel everything so very deeply. For instance, there’s this book The Heart Of Darkness, (I am not a book person but this is in my syllabus so I know a little about it) so.. the first page is just about the waves, and the river bank, and the river color, and the beautiful water, and the river.. the river.. the river. (A/c to my little information) Like what the hell man, come on move on to something else! But since we are the readers, we are forced to read what that person feels, despite having zero interest in it.
According to the other perspective, they are inhumane creatures. They kill characters you fall in love with. Remember that famous cancer patient, Augustus Waters? He frickin killed him! Why oh why!
2.What’s your purpose in life? You only live once. YOLO. Right?
Lol no, You Only Die Once. I haven’t found it out yet. I hope that I will find it out soon. I have nothing but ‘dislike’ for this for this word – Purpose. Because of some reason. But hey, I’ll find mine soon. Lets not get depressed.
3.Why blogging? Any specific best thing about it?
Because blogging. Just that simple. Oh yes, all those comments. I love them.
4.What’s your fashion taste? Party taste?
I know not what fashion is, nor how it came into being but may I just say Hi? (Lol never mind I was just rephrasing Flynn Rider’s dialogues.)
I have zero fashion sense. If I could, I would spend my whole life in my pjs and loose baggy t-shirts. But mommy doesn’t let me. Its not really that sad. The only thing I know about my fashion is comfort. I am the type of girl who wouldn’t mind wearing lawn or cotton suits to parties. Because I don’t give a damn about “Loag kia kahen gy”. Alhamdulilah.
5.What’s your say upon ‘love’? (I am curious to know this)
I’d answer this simply, the worldly version of love, the love wala love.
You know what, I think love is something warm, when someone else matters more to you than yourself. When you let someone eat the last slice of pizza, its love. When you put someone else’s needs before yours, its love. But wait. Isn’t this an acceptable tolerable name for sacrifice? I guess so. Buss that’s all I’ve learnt about love, yet. Its just a seed in my life, cause it never found a way to pop out the plant inside it. So lets see when that happens. Only then I’ll know.
6.Any Quranic quote which really affects you? (For Non Muslim friends, write any quote which you really like)

7.Where do you see yourself in the next five years or so?
Dead. Or if I make it out alive, somehow, I’ll be a photographer and an illustrator and probably a writer. Probably. Very very probably.
8.Your one hobby which really switches you on?
Drawing I guess. No wait. I don’t know what turns me on. But wait, I’ll go with art anyway.
9.Your idea of motivating people?
Umm.. I appreciate the hell out of people so that they never ever think low of themselves. I encourage them. I tag them on relatable posts on Facebook or Twitter. I talk to them about it. And I tell them to put their heart into what they do, whats the point of doing something that you don’t even love to do?
10.Your favorite dish?
Honest answer : Saalan of either Torai or Loki or Teenday with Roti. Mum made or self made, they have approximately the same taste so.. yeah doesn’t differ much.
But if you ask me about the “muraghan ghizaen”, I love biryani, zinger burger, stew, steaks and pizza. Oh Gosh I wonder what a pizzaless world would be like. The only difference is, I don’t really “die to eat” them. One shareef masoom girl I am. Hah.
11.Anything which really switches you off?
So many. Approximately everything does. If someone says something hurtful, or if I get caught making a doodle in class, or if I make a grammatical error while speaking English, or when I stutter, or when I send a typo-ed or an auto-corrected text, or when WiFi signals don’t remain strong, or when… haha. Thats enough I guess.

I’ll copy Revel’s idea and say that I nominate everyone who’s reading this post. Don’t you even try to run away!
And oh, I am not designing any questions just like Aaliyah.
Thank you once again for nominating me, Saiz and Aaliyah.


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Prize Darts Award..

I have been nominated for this award by an amazing blogger here. If you haven’t already followed her blog, you should, right now. We call her Revels and.. she’s got pretty startling stuff. Her way of writing is enveloping. You too will find it astounding, so do click on the link.

* Mention the person who tagged you
* Answer the questions in full
* Please tag up to ten other bloggers at the end

Since she has nominated everyone who reads her post, which is quite clever of her, here I am answering her questions. Poor me, this award thing – I don’t know why – becomes so scary for me. Anyway, I’ll give it a shot to make it seem less scary. Here I go.
What’s your favorite main phrase?
There are so many and its not fair to pick one out of them! But okay, I’ll choose one (To the remaining phrases: I am sorry.). Its “Nothing Lasts Forever”. I like this phrase because nothing really lasts forever, be it bad times or good times, bad things or good things, good people or bad people (Oh damn, did I just talk about people I don’t want to see alive anymore? Thats purely evil. Hah. Nevermind. I don’t plan on murdering anyone. 😉 ) In short, It keeps reminding me to not take anything forgranted and to not whine about stuff.

What’s the best book you’ve read?
LOL. This is the funniest question ever. Want to know why? I am not a book person. I don’t like to read. Most of the time. Unless I’m curious or its some sort of a compulsory homework. :p

Where do you see yourself in two years?
Sitting just like this in front of my laptop. (Because I don’t even know whats gonna happen in two hours, and two years? Woah)
Serious answer : A graduate, illustrating her own book. A photographer, clicking pictures of things around the world with a new perspective. Or if I’m not lucky enough – married, running after a toddler. (Since my parents are on this red zone mission-quite-possible.) 😀 Wish me luck.

Would you rather live in the mountains or the village (not in the mountains) or do you prefer the city?
I would love to wander around the mountains and live there. But, do they have Wi-Fi there? 🙄

Now get ready for my weird questions.
1. What’s the evilest thing you’ve ever done?
2. What’s the point of reading books when you can watch a movie instead? (Yeah I know it must have made you angry, I want to read that angry answer. Please don’t curse me?)
3. Typing on technology or writing in a notebook? Select one. And explain why if you may.
4. Not every dark cloud has a silver lining. What do you say about it?
5. The awkwardest awkward moment of your life?

I’m supposed to tag ten people but I’ll not tag ten people. Just not in the mood, so here they are:
Loubnanya – A french hijabi muslimah, go to her blog, you’ll be surprised at how good she is at writing stunning stuff.
Aaliyah – A humorous, amazing blogger she is. I’m not telling you more about her, go see for yourself.
Sulfurman – Another shining person in the cool-bloggers-list.
Saiz – Damn his poetry is so awesome that you’ll go like, “What did I just read? Is it real?”. His blogs have the power to leave you in awe. For real. Go check it out.
Shoaib – An online comedian I must admit. check out his blog. He is new here on WP. (I gu-e-ss)
Peaceloveanunity – For me, she is someone who lives life a little deeper than most of us. Check out her aspects, she’ll amaze you.
LalaRukh – The way she writes is wow. Pay a visit, soon.

That is it. I hope that you peeps accept this award and pass it on! May the odds be ever in your favor. No pressure if you don’t want to. Keep shining! 🙂

prize darts
Well this time they didn’t have a photo so I made an edit by myself 😀

One Lovely Blog Award..


I got nominated for One Lovely Blog Award by accidentallyinked because she’s lovely and she has nominated other lovely blogs too that I’ll visit as soon as possible. Thanks a heap for that, it means so much.

The Rules:

– Thank the nominator and link them.
– List the rules and display the award.
– Add 7 facts about yourself.
– Nominate 7 other bloggers and let them know via a comment.

The simple seven facts about me:
(This part actually freaked me out. Guess I have repeated some facts from the Liebster Award but I can’t help it. This is me, so that’s how it goes. Pardon.)

1. I love nature and everything related to it.
2. I am a partial photographer, slightly artistic, perfect chef and a vague poetess who keeps whining about stuff in her poems.
3. I love writing rhymes, that’s why most of my poems rhyme.
4. Sarcasm is my language.
5. I happen to love winter, because things you experience less matter more.
6. I am not a book person.
7. I’m too good at expressing what I think (Alhamdulilah) and too bad at describing myself.

I’ll nominate TheAchingHeartRiapeaceloveanunityMoeLalaRukhAsh and Khoulzee. No pressure to pass it on. Have fun.

Liebster Award..

liebster award

So yesterday I had been nominated for this award.The big, sparkly, dazzling, glittery one you see up there! ^

accidentallyinked and Saiz nominated me for this award and I didn’t really know what this was since this one is my first one.. So yeah.. I kind of freaked out.

I have read the whole post and I will try my best to follow the rules. Which are something like this:

The Rules! (I copied them directly from the post I had been invited to. With some additional phrases of my own lol.)
– Insert the liebster award logo in your post
– Thank and link those who nominated you
– (After reading the official rules) You also have to reveal 11 interesting facts about yourself! Which is scary as well as fun, but give it a shot.
– Answer the questions designed by the blogger who nominated you
– Nominate up to 11 other new bloggers with less than 100 followers
– Ask 11 questions of your own to your nominees that they have to answer
– Notify your nominees about The Liebster Award
– Include instructions of the process in your post

Being done with the first two steps, I’m moving ahead.


1. I am.. (lol this is just the hardest thing ever.) Okay, So I’m a really curious person who loves getting to know stuff by searching for it herself.

2. Because of the above reason, I wanted to be a detective for a long time of my life. But that was just wishful thinking. I’m over that innocent wish now.

3. I love photography, and I’m doing good at it. Alhamdulillah.

4. I can cook delicious food too! (Every girl can but for a girl like me, It’s an achievement.)

5. I am a crazy organizer. Mess is just not my thing. I’m one “Neat Freak” as one of my friends says.

6. I love listening to stories of people who just bubble up and go on bla-bla-bla-ing when they are with me. I like it when people find me home. I like it even more when they are comfortable with me, and in their own skin.

7. My blog doesn’t really have a purpose, like the “about me” page of my blog says. I mostly write for catharsis and I guess that is the purpose. To let go of burden. To move on. To feel good. (And I don’t even write well. It’s just that. It happens. By itself.)

8. I am left handed, hence creativity.

9. I am talkative, expressive, straight forward, and a perfect example of extroverts. You can call me the “Nicest Rude Person Ever” because that fits my being more than anything else. (And that’s sarcasm, I don’t mean to scare you off.)

10. Whatever I write has always links to my mood in which I write it. So may be sometimes my blogs don’t make much sense to people who read them. (And I often beat my head up at how silly my initial blogs were. But okay, whats past is past.)

11. And linking this one to the previous one, I am a perfectionist. One crook and my whole mood and behavior shatters. I can’t help it. I wish to learn human-ways soon. Humans are for mistakes, for imperfections, and I need to learn that asap.

Now the questions accidentallyinked asked me:
1-When did you start blogging?
January 29th, 2015.

2-If there was something you could teach yourself what would it be?
That humans are supposed to be imperfect perfections, that I need to not give a damn (when most of the time I don’t but still.) and that I don’t need to remember everything.

3-If it was raining in the morning on a holiday would you rather sleep or wake up and enjoy the rain?
I’ll enjoy the rain with a dslr in my hands and a mug of steaming coffee by my side.

4-What was the last book you read?
“To Kill A Mocking Bird” by Harper Lee. I am not a book person really, so yes. It was a compulsory homework so I had to read it. And it was worth it.

5-Do you like Math?
I hate it with the back of my heart lol. I even changed one of my minors because I didn’t want to study Calculus.

6-If you could learn a new language which one would it be?
Speaking of the moment, Pushto.

7-If you wished to change the name of your blog, what would it be?
I never thought about it. But I know it would be a happy name. Maybe “Soap Bubbles and Pop!”? That’s silly. But I really don’t know.

8-Have you ever seen a flamingo? Not in pictures in real!
Yes. When I was four. It was a field trip to a zoo.

9-Do you like spoken word?
Spoken word is what?

10-Are you afraid or cats or dogs? Or both?
Dogs more than cats. But I always say Hi to them to act nice, just in case if they have any intention to hurt me.

11-Do you think a poem you wrote for a friend is a good gift or a book written by a famous author?
My poem obviously. I know the effort, that’s why.

I’ll nominate Moniba, MariaaccidentallyinkedKhoulahAyesha, MJ, and Samia for this award. (Because I follow these lovely souls -only- here on WordPress at the moment.)

My questions :

1. Name one thing that you want to learn before anything else?
2. What is that one thing that you think shouldn’t be in you?
3. What do you think is the reason behind the chaos in the world?
4. What’s your definition of blogging?
5. What’s the purpose of your blog?
6. 3 am or 3 pm?
7. Have you ever witnessed a falling star?
8. What was the happiest moment of your life?
9. Chocolates or Ice-cream?
10. What is that one word that defines you?
11. What is you current favorite song?

I’d be glad if you accept this and pass it on. Hope you had fun.

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