introFlickering Lanterns might sound depressive, because lanterns that flicker, die. Sooner or later, they die. But for me, a lantern that flickers is a symbol that portrays both hope and bravery. It tries it’s best to stand, no matter what the circumstances are. It fights for it’s life. It struggles through the wind, hoping it can last a few moments more. It doesn’t give up. I think some of us, or probably many of us, are flickering lanterns. We know we’re all gonna die. When the time comes. But still we hope for a brand new morning to struggle against our circumstances, and to make our ways.
I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan, not just because of her music, but because of her smart lyrics. You’ll probably see that my poetry sounds like songs, because I listen to them all the time. I love how she weaves stories in merely a three minute song, and it sounds really cool. The idea of Flickering Lanterns also came from one of her songs that is my current favorite, “This Love”, from her latest album 1989.
I love photography, since I’m of the view that the only way one can preserve moments is to capture them. “Capture what matters” – as the slogan says. Drawing is my hobby, and when I’m in the mood to draw I end up making art pieces that leave me starstruck and I don’t believe that I’ve made them for a few hours. I am a girl who is insanely obsessed with lions and tigers, though I know they are the wildest, bloodiest creatures of the animal kingdom, but still I happen to love them. I find them cute, and majestic. They have got the power to rule, and power is all one needs to survive in this pathetic world. As per my opinion.
Nature attracts me the same way gravity pulls people towards the centre of Earth. I don’t think there is any better example to give. Gravity makes people fall on the floor, so does nature. It makes people fall in love with it.
That’s all I think my world revolves around. Or maybe that’s all I can post on a publicly-seen site.
Follow, Comment, Correct, I’d look forward to your responses. Since writing isn’t really my thing and I don’t write really well. It was just my one freaky friend who pushed me towards writing and.. Booyah! I ended up making a blog. Sayonara.

Mahaah Azeem.