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Beginning of a new Ending.

randomlyabstract reminded me of something from her last post so here it is.
(Sometimes its so hard. I tell myself to not post anything temporarily and then I’m here all like.. sorry girl’s got issues, sorry.)

– 🎶 My head's under water but I'm breathing fine. . . . Two more academic days for the last year, last semester and last week left and I have yet to decide how to feel about it. Yes, I'll miss my friends that I interacted with over the course of four years, I'll miss the conversations I had during my time spent with @moniba.meh , I'll miss all the times when I pushed harder to get ish done because life wasn't on good terms with me throughout this journey – but I don't think I'll miss the institution or anything remotely related to it. Nothing about the courses or exams. They all drove me nuts. I still got something out of it so it isn't that much of a big deal. That might make me not have hate towards this. It was a backup plan anyway. I still have to get done with finals, and I'm genuinely patiently waiting for the end of this month. There's so much on my plate that I didn't exactly order but oh well, you're not always given what you ask for. So. Yeah. Maybe I should stop here. Stressed me is a crazy mad woman. Hold on a little longer, Mahaah. This too shall pass. 💛 (Pray for me maybe?) . . #RantsAndRamblings #OuchThatWasHarsh #TravelDiaries

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Between Band-aids and Bandages.

Little Things.

Throwback to the last exam and last day of third year. I’ve got my masters left now. Let that sink in.


Good girls..

See the Sea.



Note to Her.

– Someday, when my giant ego and your not-now-s would subside, I'd pick you up and drive you here, at this very point. It would be a long drive, and my legs might hurt with all the effort, but I know that with you, pain won't matter. Your philosophical stuff would distract me from things that I overthink and ruin moments that are worth living. With you it would be different, I know it. And you see those rocks? I promise I'd sit there without resistance while negating my neat-freak self. That day, we'd probably be functioning adults but trust me, we'd laugh our way out of those miseries. That day would be good. That day will come. That day would be a someday. And I'm afraid that, 'somedays' don't exist. #RantsAndRamblings

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About Standing Out.


I took a lot of sunset photos recently. Who’d do the effort of posting them separately? Not me. Hah. Have a look.

– Shaameyn abb dhalti naheen, aanchal jo tera simat jaye. //Atif Aslam // Yaqeen //

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– The limitless love for pink skies and pink cotton candy. 💓

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– Happy, free, confused and lonely at the same time. //Taylor Swift // 22//

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– Mere jahaan ki hadain aasmaan se aagay hain // Momina Mustehsan // Mein Raasta //

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Guess what? At one point, my Instagram feed literally looked like a set of default wallpapers.


This is it for now, I suppose. Gosh I’ve forgotten the art of writing stuff properly :3 Stay tuned for more.

– Mahaah.


– When colours meet style.

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