The moment your focus is lost,
To some point in air,
Is when you start processing,
Thoughts in your mind, just there.
You go through the memories,
All good and bad,
Short clips of flashbacks,
Instantly making you sad.
You think of ways,
What you could have done instead,
But then you end up realising,
That its gone and you should look ahead.
You plan on your new model,
Trashing your original prototype,
Because you need new armours,
And weapons to use on event ripe.
Calculations, assumptions, conclusions,
Bombard your pretty small brain,
Tears succeed to escape your eyes,
And you let them transform into rain.
You hope for a colourful rainbow,
That you know you’ll see soon,
So you just wipe off the tears,
And put a stop to that moonsoon.
There will come a time when,
All your efforts will make you gain,
And you’ll be surprised,
At how you forgot the pain.overthinking 2