When I added “Sketches, Doodles and Drawings” category on my blog, I decided that I would never post imperfect things in it. Well its the same for other stuff on my blog too, but it is a hard and fast rule for my art work. But booyah.. I am breaking this rule for a while.
Anyway, two months ago, I was deeply inspired by two of my favorite artists to make a graffiti. At first I considered it a day dream sort of wish. But then this event named Annual Carnival’15 happened in my university and.. um.. long story short, I contacted the officials of wall art management and painted this graffiti with the help of an amazing friend,Β Ayesha. Yes she has an amazing blog called The Struggle Within. If you haven’t seen it, you are missing out on some pretty cool stuff. Well, this is what we made;


So many giggling memories are attached with this mural. We didn’t exactly get what we ordered for, that is, the paints and brushes. I had never painted anything in my entire life except for two failed art works, when I was twelve, still I was able to paint this and I was surprised at myself (Alhamdulilah). The temperature was just enough to evaporate our blood. The sun was all interested in looking at what we were doing. The music playing was way too loud, we could feel our hearts jumping in and out of our rib cages. Every now and then photographers would come and take photographs of us painting the graffiti, making Ash go wild and enraged. It took us two and a half hours – standing – to get this completed. And oh, I was all covered up. Like this,


Yeah right, that is me. Ash painted the precise (black) side of this brain and I painted the remaining creative side. I was the one who sketched and planned it. Despite all this effort, it didn’t come out the way I wanted it to. Still, I love what I made. This is art, and art is art, never imperfect – That is what Ash calmed me down with. Also, I see it as one of my imperfectly perfect art work. So.. I am pretty satisfied with myself and my efforts and hard work. What made me love it even more was a sentence Moe said, “You went after what you wanted, and I admire that about you.”
Gaah. Too much love. I will stop now. ❀